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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Understand This - LIFE IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE FAIR! Therefore It Seldom Is...

There's continual whining amongst the liberal left-wing, socialist-"progressives". If they have no real cause to champion, they will create one out of thin air, using smoke, mirrors and BS to fill in the blanks. The most recent of their creations is the "climate crisis" based upon a particularly weak theory of "global warming". There are physical limitations to virtually all things, and there are natural cycles in which weather phenomena occur.

The growth of an iceberg can continue only so long before a chunk of it breaks off due to erosion, weight, and stress, thereby forming a second iceberg. We assume that the larger piece is the original iceberg, and we blame the separation upon "global warming".

At the same time we have other icebergs that are still increasing in size, and the scientific community blames that phenomena upon what? Nothing? Just because you can find a large group of scientists - or any other group - willing to agree upon something doesn't necessarily make it a "fact". There have been "doomsayers" since the beginning of recorded history, and it was probably a popular practice long before the recording of history began. And recently evidence has become available that shows there has been manipulation of the facts by the "global warming" gang, which creates bogus statistics and gives a highly unreliable picture of what is actually going on. There's an old saying in statistical analysis that goes like this... "Figures can lie, and liars can figure". Thus has the greatest scam in the history of the world been foisted upon the inhabitants of this planet.

A substantially larger number of scientists are in agreement that we are undergoing global cooling, than there are supporting the global warming theory. Do sheer numbers make one theory more correct than the other? Of course not. How then does the "global warming" theory gain acceptance over the opposing theory? It has been "sold" to world leaders through a network of scientists with a political agenda.

A "climate crisis" blamed upon mankind in general, but with an emphasis upon successful nations - such as the USA - gives the Europeans and other socialist governments the tools they need to leverage their beloved "redistribution of wealth" out of other sovereign entities via the United Nations-sponsored Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this month. They hope to accomplish this by euphemistically referring to that redistribution of wealth as "global reparations" or "here's an envy tax from those nations which are less successful than you - pay up or risk being labeled an international Scrooge." These groups, which include several large international networks, claim that rich countries should acknowledge their "historical responsibility" and the “ecological and climate debts” they owe to developing countries. “Deep, drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, through domestic measures is part of reparations,” the statement said. “They took much more than their fair share of atmospheric space, and in the process denied the people of developing countries – the people of the South – their rightful share. They must give it back.”

EXCUSE ME?? What "fair share of atmospheric space" did we consume, and who determined and allocated such "atmospheric space" to us? If I were the President of the United States my response to that insanity would be a less-than-diplomatic "GFY!" When were these constraints upon "atmospheric space" created... and by whom? Did anybody see that memo? I must have been out sick that day! I say that because I have been on this planet for over a half-century and, until very recently I had never heard the terms "global reparations" and "atmospheric space". Now I'm thinking, "the 'global reparations' concept is undoubtedly an after the fact idea, created by those who have failed to apply themselves to their endeavors in a successful manner, and their left-wing socialist sympathizers." I'm sorry, but we don't owe anybody Jack (except China... from whom our "leader" continues to borrow money, building our National Debt to unsustainable levels and eroding the value of the U.S. dollar.)! How would the rest of the world like it if we demanded they repay their war debts to the USA? With accrued interest over the past 8/38/56/64/95 years, those amounts would probably pay off our National Debt!

I may not have been raised on a ranch, but I do know the difference between roses in bloom and BS when I smell it! The Copenhagen Conference is nothing more than an international platform designed to perpetuate the myth of "global warming" under the auspices of the otherwise powerless United Nations. Those who participate in the Copenhagen Charade are severely untrustworthy!

Of course there is a chance I could be wrong about all of this - about the same chance as my being a myopic Mongolian dwarf albino aardvark wrangler.

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