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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The GOOD NEWS IS: Dems Doing Everything They Can To Give Away The House and Senate in 2010!

Well, the Obama governmental fiasco continues. It's just one thing after another: government bailouts, government controlled healthcare, government controlled industry, government controlled lending, government caps on executive salaries (I agree with the concept of executive caps, but not by government mandate), government directed climate control, government Czars (doing exactly what that isn't already under some official government directorate?), more taxes, amnesty for illegal aliens, government subsidies for ACORN and similar criminal activities, and on, and on - ad nauseum. To give you an idea...

Someone once said (this saying - one with which we are all familiar - has been attributed to many different people, including Samuel Johnson), "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." And, I suppose, there are many instances in which that has been true... but NOT in the case of the Obama administration! Obama and his minions in the White House staff, Cabinet and Congress are intentionally leading our country into socialist/Marxist ruination. There were no "good intentions" in Obama's being rude to the Queen of England during his first State visit to the UK. There were no "good intentions" in borrowing money from communist China to attempt to stop our economy from bleeding green! There were no "good intentions" in Obama's World Apology Tour! There were no "good intentions" in Obama's deference to Arabic leaders, and his submissive bow to Emperor Hirohito of Japan! And there are no "good intentions" in the Democrats plans for universal, government controlled health care! There are no "good intentions" in mass amnesty for as many as twenty million illegal aliens, who will further drain our welfare, social security and Medicare coffers by increasing the already unsustainable strain upon them! These are all well-planned moves to increase our dependency upon the government. Nobody wants these things except those who will profit from them! Our government has left "the road to hell", and now has us on the fast track to hell.

"Redistribution of wealth" is not an American concept. In our Democratic Republic, your "fare share" is the end result of what you have contributed your talents, labors and expertise to earn. You union lovers who think redistribution of wealth is a good idea, apparently believe you will be exempt from contributing to that redistribution. The on-going greed of the labor unions, and your excessive wages have greatly assisted in the creation of the unsatisfactory financial condition our country is now in! (Perhaps Obama has promised the SEIU special dispensation from increased taxes to support his liberal give away programs. These mandated taxes will be dumped into expanded social[ist] programs and increased benefits and pay raises for our worthless Congress.) Anybody who believes that you can expand social programs in an already financially and morally bankrupt government without increasing taxes is a fool. Where would you think the money comes from? The government doesn't have a paper route, or retail kiosks in the local Malls. The government has no income producing job other than collecting money from We the People - those of us who actually perform physical or intellectual labor for our hard-earned money. We are rapidly becoming a...

The Obama administration has created a multitude of distractions in an attempt to keep Americans from discovering what the subterfuge is actually hiding. The more balls he can keep in the air for us to watch, the easier it will be for him - and his masters - to destroy our intended form of government. Who is "The Great and Powerful Oz" anyway? Who is the puppet master behind the scenes? Is Obama himself truly the mastermind of our destruction? There are any number of individuals, organizations and governments who desire to see the United States of America implode. Surprisingly, even those who have become extremely wealthy under our existing system, such as the ultra-left George Soros, and the majority of the Screen Actors Guild. Then there's the United Nations, and any country that is envious or resentful of our previously unheard of success in slightly over 200 years (like Cuba, most of the countries below our southern border, and the Arab nations). This administration is selling us out at every opportunity.

If you can judge a man's character by the company he keeps, simply open your eyes and look at what Obama has chosen to surround himself with - Communists, Marxists, socialists, and assorted revolutionaries and terrorists! Where are the "checks and balances" to keep the government from running roughshod over the desires and needs of the citizenry?

BUT... Obama is not doing all this by himself. He has the full cooperation of the Democratically-controlled House and Senate, so let's get rid of them all! Eleven months from now the majority of the House and 35 Senators will be up for re-election. That will be the time for them to experience the quiet wrath of the American people... in the voting booth!

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