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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ben Nelson Buckles Under Pressure And Bribe - WIll Now Vote FOR Healthcare Bill

I don't know that "buckles" is exactly the word I'm looking for... perhaps the short phrase "Ben Nelson Sells Out" would be more accurate. There was some rewording in the bill to satisfy his concerns about taxpayer paid abortions, true. And he did ostensibly save Offutt AFB from going on the military base closure list, which would unemploy 10,000 of his constituents. But the real deal maker was probably when he was promised that Nebraska would never again have to contribute to the states Medicaid program as the rest of the states must. Now there's a sweetheart deal for ya! The liberal left-wing socialist-progressive Dems are so desperate to give Obama a victory of any knid that they will shove this bill down our throats (or somewhere else) - AGAINST THE EXPRESSED DESIRES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

I should have known better than to have any faith in a politician who appeared to be demonstrating character. Ben should change his last name to America... and his middle name to Dover. Then it would reflect his true attitude... Ben Dover America!

I'm disgusted with all of them!

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