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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Four BILLION Dollars in Legislated PORK!

Would that it were possible, we should impeach the entire National Legislature and the Obama Administration from the "Czar" level and the Cabinet, to the occupant of the Oval Office itself! Our government blatantly continues to try to dig its way out of this financial crisis, by spending our tax dollars on Congressional and Senatorial pet projects in their home states! ATTENTION WASHINGTON - IT IS A WELL-KNOWN FACT THAT WHEN YOU CONTINUE TO DIG A HOLE IT JUST GETS DEEPER AND DEEPER!

The outrageous $1.1 TRILLION ($1,100,000,000,000) budget the Democratically-controlled Congress passed today contains over $4 BILLION in pork projects! These can't be the same types of pork projects that Obama said he would never sign a bill containing during his campaign, can they? Apparently, Washington D.C. has an African lion in the National Zoo, and a lyin' African in the White House!

As if that's not bad enough... Congress must soon raise the debt ceiling, now at $12.1 trillion, so the Treasury can continue to borrow! Democratic leaders are eyeing a new figure close to $14 trillion, pushing the issue past next November's election. Right now, at $12,115,000,000,000 every U.S. taxpayer is on the hook for over $111,000 in tax burden! And do you understand this: THAT FIGURE IS NOT STATIC - IT IS INCREASING BY THE SECOND! When our elected "representatives" fail to heed our cries of dismay, frustration and anger, are we truly represented? "Taxation without representation is tyranny!"

This ever-deepening, man-made financial crisis requires that the government borrow money from communist China, and the more we borrow the deeper that hole becomes, making the dollars you may have in your bank account worth less each day. This erosion of personal "wealth" makes the argument for a "global currency" much more attractive to Joe Average. The government has essentially nationalized the automobile industry, the financial markets, and is pushing for control of health care. The essential function of any government IS CONTROL! How better to gain that control than by increasing the dependence of the citizens upon it for most needs? (Although I agree that most corporate CEO's are overcompensated [especially those that have ridden the corporation into the jaws of bankruptcy] in the extreme, I do not think that government should be involved in setting the limits of their compensation. Only those executives that have built their company from the ground up should be entitled to obscene amounts of compensation - they EARNED it! All the others are nothing more than overpaid managers... hirelings... employees brought in to perform a specific function, and whose true value is nothing more than a small percentage of the profits they bring to the corporation. If they put the company in the dumper, then they get nothing. If when they leave, the corporation is failing, they get nothing. No golden parachutes, no stock options, no multi-million dollar separation compensation, nothing - NADA, ZERO, ZIP, ZED, GOOSE EGG, NOTHING!)

This coming November the majority of Congressional "representatives", and about 35 Senators, stand for re-election. If we do not make our displeasure known then, in the only terms they will understand, then we deserve exactly what they will continue to exert upon us - GOVERNMENT CONTROL. We will have proven ourselves unworthy of our Constitution's guarantees, and we discredit our founders and the hundreds of thousands who have died to establish and maintain freedom. We will get those...
Throw the bums out!
Refresh the "tree of liberty"... and use plenty of water to restore the roots. They've been badly burned by decades of pure manure without any real nourishment!

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