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Monday, June 8, 2009

U.S. war funding bill brims with unrelated extras - Reuters

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A $100 billion bill to fund U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is rapidly accumulating extra items such as money for military aircraft the Pentagon doesn't want and possibly a scheme to jump-start sagging auto sales.

The cars and planes are not directly linked to the U.S. war effort. But they are typical of Congress' penchant for loading bills with unrelated spending in hopes the funds will sail through on the strength of the main legislation...

Democratic Representative John Murtha, who heads the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, managed to get $3.1 billion for eight C-17 and 11 C-130 military transport planes included. However, that has been pared back by four C-130s.

The Pentagon did not request the aircraft but lawmakers want them to preserve jobs in their home states and Murtha disputes the military's contention that they are not needed."

OINK!! Talk about PORK! We're expected to pay for military aircraft that the military neither wants nor needs?? And "Murtha disputes the military's contention that they are not needed." How would Murtha know better than the end-user what they need or don't need? Murtha's military experience is limited to 3 years of active duty - at the end of which he was probably a 1st Lieutenant - and a career in the USMC Reserves (with one year of voluntary active duty during the Vietnam conflict) from which he retired as a Colonel in 1990. He's been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives since 1974! How would he have any idea what the military needs? His practical military knowledge is 40 years old! What a DB! Murtha seems to have donned the mantle of Assistant Messiah.

If the military says they don't need something, take their word for it. Perhaps they would rather have more/better armor for their HumVees! Here's a revolutionary idea... ASK them what they need and give that to them instead of slicing off more bacon! This little piggy went to Congress...

I could be wrong about this... and Murtha could have a bit of common sense, but both assumptions are incorrect!

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