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Monday, June 22, 2009

"Prescription for America" - Infomercial or Propaganda?

ABC will air the special from the White House during prime time on June 24. "Prescription for America," to be moderated by ABC News' Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer, will originate from the East Room and will feature the president explaining his plans for reforming the nation's health care system. Officials with the network claim they will air opposing views, that the audience that will offer up questions for the president during the program will be made up of Americans "who have divergent opinions" in the debate on national health care.

I will be surprised if any of several things happens at this ABC-Obama love fest:
1. "Officials with the network claim they will air opposing views" - that will be the first surprise, considering they have already refused to broadcast opposing views! ABC rejected an alternative health care ad submitted for airing during the prime time special on Wednesday.
2. If the audience "offers up questions for the president during the program", the audience will undoubtedly consist of nothing but Obama Democrats and Obama-sympathetic media (is there any other kind?), and the questions will be previously approved by Obama staffers to insure the president isn't caught with his teleprompters down.
3. The only "divergence of opinion" will probably be discussing how many billions of our tax dollars to throw away on this Marxist health care debacle.

A sales pitch is a sales pitch - no matter what the salesman may choose to call it. In this case it is relatively simple to understand:

BUY MY IDEA... and since it is MY IDEA,
there is no plausible reason to even offer possible alternatives,
much less discuss them.

For those of you who voted for him, we're ALL about to get what you deserve! NMP!

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