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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taxes On Top Of Taxes!

Oregonians are about to receive a treat from our Governor, the less-than-Honorable Ted Kulongowski. Granted, this is just a specific group of Oregonians to be saddled with an additional tax, but if it can happen to one group, it can happen to us all! Effective 1 April 2009, cigarette taxes will be increased by 59¢ per pack for all vendors, including those cigarettes in existing inventory. That means that cigarettes upon which the prevailing, authorized tax has already been paid, will be taxed again at the new rate! Also, we have another $1.01 FEDERAL tax being added on the same date! Objectively, even non-smokers should see the inherent wrong in such double taxation. The issue is not smoking - it's inappropriate taxation. Also, bulk tobacco, for those who "roll their own", or pipe smokers, will see a tax increase from $2.50 per pound to $25.00 per pound! That's an increase of ten times - or 1,000 percent. There's an additional tax being levied on "smokeless" tobacco as well. Today's assault is on tobacco products... tomorrow's tax hikes may be on all paper products, rubber products, dairy products, or whatever else a mad-dog, tax-crazed Government dedcides. There's nothing to stop them but the outcry from "We the People"!

Is there any question why there will be a nation-wide tax protest on April 15th? Next will be what... alcohol tax? More gasoline taxes? Taxes per mile on your vehicle? If there is a convenience, vice, or pleasure that is not taxed today, perhaps that tax will come tomorrow - the fishing tax, the bicycle tax, the skiing tax, or the television ownership tax. Think about it - we are the ones who must pay those taxes, and we are already paying more than enough. Have you looked at your telephone bill or your cable or satellite TV bill lately? The are about 10 obscure taxes on that already!

Enough is ENOUGH! Stand with those who will protest against unnecessary taxes, and wasteful spending of our tax dollars on April 15th. If you don't there will be a tremendous price to pay in the near future!

There's a remote chance I could be wrong about this ... do you want to take the chance that I'm NOT?

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