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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Are We Ready to Eat ... FRANKENFOOD?

Here's an item that doesn't get nearly the attention it should in our national media. Perhaps it's all about the money, like everything else in our lives.

Monsanto, our home-grown chemical giant has created genetically engineered (aka GE - remember that abbreviation) strains of seed that are pesticide resistant. Not a big deal, you say? The same GE has introduced pesticides into the genetic code of those same seeds, and pesticides are poison. About 10 percent of the 70,000 chemicals used in the United States are also carcinogenic. So your chances of being poisoned by farm products are pretty good, and your chances of developing a food-induced cancer are about 1 in 10. Worse yet, the public protector, our USDA leveraged our farmers into using GE crops - initially corn - through a strange arrangement between the Department of Agriculture and chemical giant Monsanto that was enthusiastically endorsed by Congress in 2000. The deal was made possible when Congress agreed to give farmers a break on federal crop insurance if they planted crops that resist pests and produce higher yields, making them less vulnerable to crop failures, and U.S. taxpayers less vulnerable to large insurance payouts. That, the seeds do. Do we stop eating corn? Keep in mind that much of our corn is used as silage, and fed to chickens, cattle, pigs, etc. Do we stop eating meat as well? That leaves us with fruit... for the time-being... until cross-contamination of the fruit crop sets in.

Additionally, new research from Austria shows that a commercial strain of Monsanto-made GE corn causes mice to have fewer and weaker babies. What is this doing to human fertility? Is the GE food also a means of GE the human population? Will those who aren't killed off as a direct result of ingesting GE foods, produce numerically smaller future generations of less robust, illness-ridden offspring?

There are valid arguments to be made on both sides of this situation. Personally, I believe we should always err on the side of caution! Until such time as GE foods can be proven, beyond any question, to be 100% safe and as healthy as any food product has ever been, there should be NO GE FOODS allowed in the United States, much less having GE foods being promoted by our own government watchdog agency, the USDA. Urge your elected officials to vote AGAINST HB875!

No way in HELL am I wrong about this one!

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