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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama's Lack of Cojones Shows As He Hides to Sign Omnibus Spending Bill

Your left-wing President was so embarrassed by the pork laden Omnibus Spending Bill, submitted for his approval today, that he chose to sign it in private! No media, no photographers, no anything that would record him in his moment of shame. He did NOT have to sign the bill. He chose to do so, in spite of his campaign promise to "eliminate earmarks" (earmarks is politspeak for PORK). He could have simply said, "No. I'm not signing this as it is. I promised the citizens of this country to eliminate earmarks, and this has almost 9,000 of them." Fini - end of discussion.

Instead, he now vacillates, and restructures his campaign promise as "I will eliminate unnecessary earmarks." Pork is pork! All good Muslims know that. It therefore follows that ANY pork is too much pork. How do we define political pork? If there is little or no return for the citizenry of that region or state against the cost of the project itself, it is PORK! A study of the Entertainment Preferences of the Toe-Sucking Swamp Rat of California is pork ... a verifiable improvement of a state- or county-run hospital is not pork. Bridges to nowhere are pork, as are $120,000 per week fuel expenditures to fly Nazi Pelosi round-trip to California - and that doesn't include the salaries of the flight crew, or wear-and-tear on the Boeing 757 we are paying for!

I was sent an original idea today, for which, unfortunately, I cannot claim credit. It goes like this: on April the first send a tea bag in an envelope to "Current Occupant", 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C. 20500, as a subtle reminder that the government is the servant of the people, not the master, and that they serve at our pleasure even though we may be somewhat less than pleased. Displease us too much, and we have a Constitutional right and obligation to remove and replace that government ... assuming "we the people" have more cojones than your President has shown. A few million tea bags may just get somebody's attention ... assuming anybody is paying attention to what the people want.

I could be wrong about this ... (and Barack Obama could act like a leader instead of the puppet of Nazi Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al) but I'm NOT!

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Krista said...

We are just seeing what the dems have turned a blind eye to: Obama's true colors. They will always shine through eventually and it didn't take long.