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Friday, March 27, 2009

Left-Wing Socialist Government Destroying America On All Fronts

I find the actions of your new government absolutely incomprehensible! Janet Napolitano, the "Director of Homeland Security" (with no security background) appears to be against immigration control. Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) is the investigative branch of Homeland Security... does that say anything to you about our chances of controlling illegal immigration? I only hear, "C'mon in, my door is always open to you!" What's coming in through that "open door"? Drugs, additional violence, illegal aliens, and now - Hezbollah and al Qaeda terrorists! Sure, just walk right in... and bring all your problems with you. Our taxpayers will be more than happy to support you and your extended family. We haven't had a good terrorist attack on American soil in almost 9 years now, so bring lots of those terrorists also. But, that's just Homeland Security - safety within our borders.

We still have our international security monitors, the CIA. The CIA is headed by Leon Panetta, who has no background in intelligence - or possibly just no intelligence, period. Are you familiar with the name Linda Panetta? Probably not, since she doesn't get media coverage in this country. Well, Linda Panetta is Leons' daughter, and she gets all her media coverage outside the United States, where she takes every opportunity to discredit our country and to side with anybody who is anti-American. Here we see Linda with her good friends, Hugo Chavez ("elected" dictator of Venezuela, and noted America hater), and Daniel Ortega ("ex-Marxist", "ex-"Sandanista leader) current El Presidente of Nicaragua, who says the United States has an obligation to add all of Central America to our financial bail-out plans (I'm not quite certain what his reasoning could be for that opinion, other than he's INSANE!). Doesn't Chavez look simply brilliant in this photo?

Then we have Timothy Geithner, Head Monkey of the Treasury Department - who, incidently, "forgot" to pay some $40,000 in taxes over the last few years... or, at least that's what he told Congress when he was nominated for this political plum! Don't you feel better now, knowing that our entire Treasury Department is now in the hands of a man who couldn't even figure his own income tax properly! Or could he... and simply tried to avoid paying those taxes? That would make him a "tax dodger"! Would you or I be similarly rewarded with a high-paying government position if we "forgot" to pay any amount of taxes owed to the government? God bless those thieving, lying, corrupt left-wing Democrats... and the horse they rode in on, too. I'm certain there are other, equally unqualified appointments, we just haven't heard about them yet!

What we have here is a government in which the (metaphorically speaking) blind are leading the visually incapable (no offense meant to those truly visually impaired)! Never in the history of this country have we had such gross and collective incompetence at the highest levels of government! Obama's appointments seem to be designed to destroy the foundation upon which this great nation was built.

I could be wrong about this - in fact, I hope I am! But the chances of that present about the same odds as Rosie O'Donnel becoming pregnant in the "natural way".

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