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Friday, April 23, 2010

How To Return Our Nation To Its Intended Course

"The Idiot's Guide to Voting"
(for those of you who apparently do not have a clue)

1. If you are dead, please do not allow ACORN, or any of its recent progeny, to pressure you into voting for anybody. You are not eligible! No matter what the people in Chicago may tell you, dead people cannot vote. As do most criminals, ACORN has developed aliases for many of its branches.

For example, Affordable Housing Centers of America was formerly ACORN Housing. The new corporation has the same tax ID and employer identification number as ACORN Housing, which received millions of dollars in funding from the Department of Housing Urban and Development.
In Missouri, Jeff Ordower, a former head organizer for ACORN in that state, founded Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), which focuses on jobs, education and housing advocacy.
Other groups that bear a striking resemblance to ACORN are the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, New York Communities for Change, New England United for Justice in Massachusetts and Arkansas Community Organizations. And the list grows almost daily. Combined they make up "The Organization Encompassing Just American Minorities", or TOE JAM. The stench of corruption remains - a skunk still stinks, even if you call it a "woods kitty".
2. Give up voting the "party ticket". If you truly wish to see America remain the land of the free, don't vote for somebody just because they are a Democrat or Republican. Vote for somebody you believe will do their best to return America to its intended course, regardless of their party affiliation... but make sure the candidate is viable. If you are a registered Democrat and you think the Republican candidate will do a better job for our country, vote for the Republican. (If you're a Republican and you think the Democrat will do a better job, go home and take your meds.) As much as I like the idea, voting for a 3rd party candidate is - at this point in time - throwing your vote away, and by so doing you help the moron you could have voted against. If you vote for somebody who actually stands a chance of becoming elected - even if they lose - you will neutralize 1 vote for his or her moronic opponent. Every splinter party takes votes away from potential winners, and right now we have about 6 splinter parties that I know of. As much as I hate to say it, Presidential elections are presently won only by Democrats or Republicans. Not that either party necessarily deserves to win, but they are established, recognized and organized, and there is no single, strong 3rd party that can successfully challenge them.
3. Don't accept a politician's word for anything! Go into the voting booth knowing full-well that politicians are professional liars. They will tell you what you want to hear during their campaign, and then do whatever they damn-well feel like after elected. Politicians should be rented to farmers, because politicians are the perfect self-propelled manure spreader! Look into the candidates VOTING RECORD to discover who they really are, and then vote accordingly.
3. We need honor, courage and wisdom in our government. Obviously the vast majority of the incumbents are lacking any of those character traits, so let's replace them in November with people who have demonstrated those traits. Vote against those incumbents who failed to heed the voice of the people during the past two years - even if you have to write-in your own name.
REALITY CHECK: It takes BIG money to run for national office, and BIG money comes from BIG business, and BIG business considers campaign money more of an investment than a "contribution" or "donation". They expect to be repaid BIG! If all we working-class Americans threw a couple of dollars at an honest, courageous and wise candidate, he or she might just do the job they are elected to do... without being owned by big business and special interest groups. What we do not need are more elected officials whose main concern is, "What's in it for me?" rather than, "How does this benefit our country?". Those who sold their votes on the health care bill should be the first to be sent home.
4. Do not vote for anybody supporting larger government and higher taxes. Larger government requires higher taxes to keep it running! Don't let anybody tell you differently. The government performs no income producing function other than taxing the people it "serves"... and we ain't getting our money's worth, Bubba!
Stevie Wonder could see what it will take to restore the Republic. "Hope and Change" is what we need, but we need to work for the changes it will take to restore our hope. Our government doesn't just have a "boo-boo" that will heal itself if we leave it alone. It is suffering from the all-consuming CANCER of the left-wing, Marxist, socialist-progressive agenda, and if we choose to ignore it, it will kill the USA!
Remove the cancer - refresh the House and Senate this November.
Show them that We the People are paying attention!


Krista said...

That's exactly what happened in Oz, they introduced a 3rd party and it just split the votes of the righter of the left wing voters. (The two parties were left wing and center wing.) Labor, Liberal and National.

Anonymous said...

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