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Thursday, April 29, 2010

ARIZONANS - Right Wing, Rednecked, Nazi, Racists... according to the Left

Inasmuch as the federal government has chosen to ignore the continual influx of illegal aliens into our country, Governor Jan Brewer has chosen to defend Arizona's border using a moderate approach. Enacting a state law enabling Arizona law enforcement agencies to apprehend those who choose to enter our country without the proper documentation. She has not given them the authority to kick down doors without reasonable cause, or accost law-abiding citizens on the highways and sidewalks for no reason other than "suspicion". She has provided them with the minimum tools law enforcement agencies need to stem the flood of illegal aliens over Arizona's southern border, thereby adding an increased level of security to the residents of her state. If a violation of Arizona law has been observed or reported, the responding law officers may ask for proof of citizenship if there is any doubt as to the offenders status. To my way of thinking - however warped that may be - this is undoubtedly a "states rights" (United States Constitution, Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.") issue. If the feds won't enforce federal law and secure our borders, then the states should, and MUST, do so themselves. Why, when there are dozens of cities that have designated themselves as "sanctuary cities" for illegals - thereby flaunting federal law - should such a fuss be made over a state creating their own law enabling them to enforce the obvious intent of federal law?
It is for just such reasons that there is a Tenth Amendment! The founders of our once-great nation instinctively knew that the federal government could easily become a bloated, tyrannical leviathan, that may attempt to constrain the people and consume the rewards of their labors.
Being in Mexico without the proper documents is equivalent in crime level to a felony in the USA. However, Mexico is not a "catch and release" country. Their penalties are:
First offense - two years imprisonment
Second Offense - ten years imprisonment
If you are a foreigner living in Mexico you are prohibited by law from participating in any activities critical of the Mexican government. Also, you must provide proof that you are capable of providing for your own medical care at your expense, that you have permanent employment, and that you will create no financial burden upon the Mexican government. That being the case... why would any American want to live in Mexico?

I'm beginning to think I should claim Mexican citizenship just so I can get all the freebies from our own government.

What is Obama's plan to end illegal immigration into the United States of America? AMNESTY, coupled with immediate granting of citizenship! I'm certain that in some parallel universe that approach to resolving the problem makes sense... but not in the world in which I live. Using that rationale, if a person were to sneak into a movie theater without paying, they should be able to stay without being arrested for theft of services. Or, better yet, if a person were to sneak into the White House without proper documentation... oh, never mind - bad example... that has already happened!
There is always the outside chance that I could be wrong about this entire issue. I think the odds are right up there with the sun rising in the west tomorrow morning.


Krista said...

What to say except - "I agree." I think a couple million of us should just show up in Mexico and demand our rights.

Anonymous said...

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