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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law, legislation making it a state crime, as well as a federal crime, to enter the state of Arizona if you are not a legal resident of the United States! All of our southern border states should follow Governor Brewer's lead and enact similar legislation. It is the only way we can stop the illegal invasion of foreigners into our country from Mexico.
The problem is magnified when, as in Arizona, American citizens have been murdered by illegal aliens. Arizona is not the first state to suffer from homicides committed by those who were in our country illegally. There have been dozens, perhaps hundreds, of murder, rape, arson, kidnapping, and robbery cases throughout the country - all perpetrated by illegal immigrants - that did not receive national coverage.

The federal government is remiss in its duty to protect our southern border. The Obama administration is counting on those illegal aliens and their liberal supporters to place illegal votes in order to maintain the socialist-progressive momentum his administration has created. Amnesty for 12 million lawbreakers is NOT what our country needs. They have demonstrated their desire to thwart our most basic law of residency, and if they are rewarded in that action, they will be emboldened to disrespect other laws within our borders. We do not need more scofflaws... we have plenty of the homegrown variety. We do not need to import them from other countries! Rewarding illegal behavior simply encourages more illegal behavior.

Who are the supporters of illegal residents? Their legal and illegal friends and families, our own expansionist tax-and-spend government which needs them to complete creation of a socialist environment within our previously Democratic Republic, and those who believe that Obama's socialist-progressive, Marxist-Communist, giveaway and redistribution agenda is something other than the key to the ruination of our once-great nation. This may well be THE turning point in American history. The erosion/elimination of the freedoms we citizens are guaranteed by the Constitution, and the decline of our economy until we are on the same level as Zimbabwe, which has a hyperinflation rate loom on the horizon. The last time inflation was officially recorded in mid-2008 it had soared to 231 million per cent. Today, using some kind of voodoo mathematics, it is reported to be approximately 5.5%. (There's a n old saying, "Figures can lie, and liars can figure." The issuance of a $50 TRILLION ZD banknote is a good indication that all is not yet well in Zimbabwe.)
The "entitlement whores", who have received multiple mentions in my blog, are all for whatever the government wants as long as the government continues to care for them as if they were dependent children. Who are these people that I refer to as "entitlement whores"? They are those whose way of life is to work the system's social programs. Their main product is children, which they produce in quantities significant enough to insure they themselves do not have to work. They get financial assistance (welfare), housing assistance (HUD), virtually free medical assistance (MedicAid), government food programs, etc.. All the things that the majority of us labor for in order to provide for ourselves and/or our families are provided to them by the government! Naturally they want to see government expand, because by that expansion the government creates more giveaway programs for them to work to their advantage.

We the People - the entrepreneurs, the craftsmen, the technicians - all those who perform labor for the rewards it provides, deserve those rewards. WE HAVE EARNED THEM! There should be no thought of "redistribution" of the fruits of our labors by the government. The government does not have that Constitutional right. If the government wants to "help" the needy, the government should provide them with one free thing - JOB TRAINING.

How did most of "the needy" become that way? By dropping out of school, thereby eliminating their first free service... a free education. Add to that the abuse of drugs and alcohol, and the adornment of their bodies with tattoos and piercings (which makes them less attractive to potential employers), the adoption of a gang mentality, and the seductive siren's song of the welfare program, and they create their own condition of neediness. Being needy is - in a general sense - a self-inflicted condition.

You may be thinking to yourself "This guy is one heartless son-of-a-bitch!". But it has nothing to do with heartlessness. It has to do with reality - the "hosts" reality versus the "parasites" reality. The condition of the needy in this country is truly a shame, but the shame is not mine. I have been given nothing in this life for which I have not labored and thereby earned. I finished my basic government-funded education (luckily, I did so before it became government-funded indoctrination). I served my country in our military, and have held numerous jobs within our society - some relatively menial, and others of relative importance in "the grand scheme of things". I am a "host", and I don't appreciate "parasites". Since the age of 17 my function has been to make my own way in the world, dependent upon the fruits of my labors to provide for my needs. I was successful because I was raised not to burden society with my care.
America is the "land of opportunity", but only for those who wish to take advantage of the opportunities America offers. The opportunity to take advantage of 12 free years of education, the opportunity to learn a trade, the opportunity for advanced education and training, the opportunity to earn a living, and the opportunity to become a responsible, self-supporting, contributing member of our society. There's an old saying, that goes like this" "There's no such thing as a free lunch." And it's true. If you get something for "free" from the government, there are always strings attached, even if those strings aren't visible. What you get costs you either in taxes or freedoms. Government dependency erodes one's freedoms, for in order to continue to receive, you must also continue to support the government's growth.

I could be wrong about all this... and Osama bin Laden could be America's best friend. What are the odds...

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