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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Regulatory "Czar" Sunstein Defends Stealing Organs From Hopeless Patients

Let me begin by saying that, IMHO, Cass Sunstein is an obvious wacko. The only "regulating" that Sunstein should be involved with is following the dosage requirements on his Thorazine!

President Obama's newly confirmed Regulatory Czar defended the possibility of removing organs from terminally ill patients without their permission! Sunstein also has strongly pushed for the removal of organs from deceased individuals who did not explicitly consent to becoming organ donors. Now, as you are asking yourself "What the hell is wrong with Sunstein's mind?", you must also ask yourself, "What the hell is wrong with the person who appointed him to an unvetted position within the government?" Notice I did not say "office within the government", because it is not an official position. There is no job description for "czar", because there is NO SUCH JOB! Being appointed a "czar" is a political plum - it's nothing more than payback for a supporter's efforts toward getting Obama elected. And, if there is no job description and no real job, then it follows that there are no qualifications required to fill that "position". That's the nice thing about being made a Czar... you need NO expertise in the area of primary responsibility. But WAIT! If there's no such job, and no job description, then there cannot be any responsibilities either. Ergo, once you are made a czar you cannot fail, even if you do not succeed. The obvious defense would be one of, "I'm not responsible, because I cannot be held responsible for failing to succeed in a non-job where there are no legally defined responsibilities." I believe that excuse would work very nicely for those who are politically inclined... and morally bankrupt. Cass Sunstein is apparently one of those people who is both politically inclined and morally bankrupt!

How does he "justify" such a morally heinous position? In his 2008 book, "Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness," Sunstein and co-author Richard Thaler discussed multiple legal scenarios regarding organ donation. One possibility presented in the book, termed by Sunstein as "routine removal," posits that "the state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone's permission." THE STATE OWNS YOUR BODY PARTS, even if you are not DEAD? How insane is that notion?? Did our left-wing Congress repeal the 4th Amendment when we weren't looking? (That wouldn't surprise me one bit.) The 4th Amendment prohibitions against "unlawful search and seizure"only applies to those acting as agents of the government - which, if the government directed such acts against a human body by anyone, that person(s) would be a de facto agent of the government, and thereby a conspirator in the violation of the 4th Amendment.

After defending the position, Sunstein conceded the "routine removal" approach "violates a generally accepted principle, which is that within broad limits, individuals should be able to decide what is to be done with and to their bodies." Well, DUH! Nonetheless, Sunstein did not add that the removal of organs from a living individual should be banned

Sunstein's radical views - and the absence of either morals or ethics in his personal belief system - is not atypical of Obama's czars and cabinet appointees. Fifty years ago, the USSRs communist leader, Nikita Krushchev made the statement that "We shall destroy you from within!". It appears the pieces are now being placed for exactly such a move. Our own government is rapidly developing the necessary infrastructure of control to insure the transition to a socialist form of government will be met with little resistance... if not with open arms. The government has usurped control of two-thirds of the automotive industry, all of Wall Street, and is now attempting to consume the health care industry, all the while telling gullible Americans that it is good for us. As our government moves inexorably toward a socialist-totalitarian regime the sheeple of America sit quietly as their Constitutional rights are quickly chipped away. A piece here, a concession there... how long will it take before we are quietly enslaved by our own government?

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