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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lenin, and Stalin, and Marx - OH MY!

(This is just a quickie... honest!) It sounds almost like morning roll-call on Capitol Hill, doesn't it? When it comes to the art of misdirection and creating illusion, David Copperfield has nothing on the D.C. gang. Let's look at a few things that are going on right now:

1. Commanding General of U.S. Forces Afghanistan, General Stanley A. McChrystal, the Pentagon, and the Secretary of Defense, are all in agreement that we need more troops in Afghanistan if we hope to "win" the conflict there, and NATO Defense Ministers, meeting in Slovakia, expressed "broad Support" for McChrystal's request. Under the guise of "due diligence", the Procrastinator In Chief remains indecisive, as more young Americans sacrifice their lives in an undermanned, underfunded combat zone each day. Obama's failure to support McChrystal's request in a timely manner is the definition of the term "negligent homicide". Make sure you pay attention to the hoopla, though.

2. Are TARP, Cap and Trade, "Gay Rights", government bailouts, health care, stimulus packages, Cash for Clunkers, the threat of increased taxes (which only impacts those of us who actually earn an income and PAY TAXES), immigration controls, and the blatant appointment of communist/Marxist/socialist revolutionaries to positions of unlawful power within government agencies as "czars" necessary to our survival as a nation? Or could it be that they are being used by Obama as was the Roman Circus - entertainment, free bread and wine - all meant to distract us from the real issues... Obama's destruction of our Constitution and the dismantling of the USA! But keep your eyes on the hoopla and ignore the smoke and mirrors...

I could go on but I said this would be a quickie... and so it ends.

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