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Saturday, October 24, 2009


The upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference is to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, December 7-18, 2009. There have been concerns raised, on my blog as well as elsewhere, that Obama would attend and sign a "Climate Change Treaty" which is purported to hold dire consequences for our nation, including the acceptance of a "Climate Debt", primarily levied upon developed (read: western) nations (all of Europe, Canada, USA, Japan and probably Australia). The disturbing text of the UN draft treaty reads, in part:

"8. Deep cuts [by developed countries] [by all Annex I country Parties] [by all developed countries] in global emissions by Parties in accordance with their historical responsibilities, as well as the principles of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities, and realistic changes in emission patterns [will be] [are urgently] required to prevent dangerous interference with the climate system and achieve the ultimate objective of the Convention. Early and urgent action by all countries on the basis of equity and according to their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities is necessary. [A] [Further] delay by Parties [in implementing their commitments to reduce] [reducing] emissions will increase their climate debt to the developing countries and significantly constrain opportunities to achieve lower stabilization levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and increase the risk of more severe climate change impacts. Avoidance of damage to SIDS and LDCs as a primary benchmark for assessing the adequacy of long-term cooperative action.
9. The shared vision for long-term cooperative action recognizes the strong link between adaptation and mitigation as well as the cross-cutting role played by financing, technology transfer and capacitybuilding. Failure to implement ambitious and immediate mitigation actions by developed countries will increase the need for adaptation in developing countries and therefore for financial support. At the same time, increased financial support and technology transfer to developing countries will help these countries in their implementation of NAMAs, reducing the risk of crossing tipping points that could result in abrupt climate change."

Disregarding the several contextually unrecognized acronyms, and the legalistic wording, the bottom line appears to be that somebody in the UN seems to think that the successful nations of the world should be billed for their successes. That somehow. that success was made possible by the sacrifices of the "3rd world countries", rather than those who - through their own efforts, expense, and ingenuity - created success from ecological chaos. Therefore, the developed nations owe a debt to those who were too lazy to get up and answer the door when opportunity knocked.


Who put the UN in charge of global debt collection? If they want to start, let them begin by collecting the war debts owed to the United States by most of the developed world! At last count, only Finland and Great Britain had repaid their WWII debt to the USA. The remainder was primarily ignored or even forgiven for political reasons.

The "mainstream media" - almost to a man - publishes articles expressing serious doubts that Obama will attend the Copenhagen Climate Conference. Keep in mind however, that the mainstream media has been in Obama's pocket since he announced his candidacy for the office of President. Another effect of the aforementioned treaty would be to place the United States under a "World Government", International law, and the auspices of the World Court, which would - in any practical sense - be handing over our sovereignty to some third party!

For a change, I actually hope the mainstream left-wing media is correct in their assumptions. Obama may be spineless and incompetent, but he cannot possibly be stupid enough to expect that signing us over to a "World Government" would go unanswered by Americans.

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