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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Your President is attempting to create a horrific "Universal Healthcare System" run by the government. The sliver-tongued devil makes it sound as if it will be gold-plated, and essentially free for anybody earning less than... oh, somewhere between $250,000 and $1,000,000 per year, depending on what time of day he is asked about who will shoulder that burden. Trust me, it will never happen that way, and he knows it! He's still in campaign mode, where lies are expected and delivered, but nonetheless believed by his supporters (and a few others who aren't paying attention).

This evening on television, I saw the Senate Version of the Universal Health Plan. It was in a loose leaf binder approximately 1 foot thick, and replete with thousands of rules and regulations determining who can get what health care services and how much of those services they will be entitled to. There were well over 1,000 pages in this "plan", and that's over 900 pages more than anybody voting on the plan will read. Here's the thrust of the health "care" plan (which, in all honesty, should be called the Universal Health Management System. There's very little "care" in it at all, other than care for cost.):
1. Everybody is expected to be enrolled in it. Those who choose not to be enrolled in the plan will be fined $1,000 per year for non-participation. The Congressional Budget Office has already forecast that the fines would bring in $38 BILLION over the first 10 years.
2. The availability of treatment will be predicated upon several factors, among which are lifestyle, eating habits and age. If you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, eat fattening foods, are overweight, or are considered past your productive life you get fewer treatment options. Therefore the older one becomes, the less treatment is available. (Excuse me, but aren't our "golden years" generally when we need an increase in medical treatment?)
3. Your health management program will be controlled not by medical personnel, but rather by a cabal of government employees, whose primary duty it is to reduce costs!
4. If you have reached a point in life where some government bean-counters arbitrarily picked an age of elimination, instead of treatment for your ills, you will get a pain pill - to make dying more comfortable. You are expendable, and your continued existence is financially inconvenient to Obama and his cronies. You will become a victim of mandated murder - not by a bullet to the brain, but by refusing to provide you with the available "magic bullet" that could prolong your life!
5. There would also be some problems if you are young, yet have a chronic and serious (i.e. - expensive to treat) illness. Since health "management" is an issue of cost rather than physical or pyschiatric need, the victim of the health management system may find themselves in the same boat with the elderly... "We're sorry, but your life isn't worth what it would cost to prolong it. Please do the socially responsible thing and die."

The list of built-in heath management inequities could go on almost forever. And, modeling the system after that of Great Britain or Canada is absolutely the wrong thing to do. If the government wants an effective model, they should investigate Australia's implementation of socialized medicine. It seems to satisfy the needs of the people... as opposed to satisfying the desires of some deranged dictator.

This scam is being foisted upon our citizenry by a man whose goal seems to be the destruction of our once great nation. A man who travels the globe, rather than staying in his office working for us, apologizing for all the inequities and misery we have caused other nations. Obama seems to have forgotten those fiascos called World War I (begun by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany) and World War II, where the USA cruelly kept Europe free from being trampled under the hobnailed boots of Adolf Hilter's Nazi forces.

We need no apologies for a country that - in a relatively short span of 232 years - went from a remote British colony to world leadership, surpassing countries and cultures that were hundreds and thousands of years our senior. A country that for the past 100 years has been bailing out the nations of the world, never failing to respond to a cry for help, either financially or militarily! More American blood has been shed in more foreign lands for the benefit of others than any other nation on the planet. We are not a source of embarrassment to ourselves, nor should we be a source of embarrassment to our "leader".

How can we expect our military to perform their best when their "Commander In Chief" is embarrassed of their history and performance? It's much easier to replace one man who lacks integrity and national pride, than it is to replace a million warriors. The time for a new leader is rapidly approaching. Unfortunately, with a Democratic super-majority in the house and Senate, the chances of a successful impeachment are slim. I would be surprised... no, shocked and awed... if the Dems would admit that their chosen leader was an incompetent loser, who is "leading" this country into financial ruin.

I could be wrong about this... I truly hope I am. I also hope that the "pie in the sky" finds its way to your table on Earth.

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