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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Black Scholars Arrest Raises Racial... Part II

Here's an interesting tidbit... a kind of fill in the blanks journalism - "According to the Somerville Times in 2007, as a Harvard Law School student, Obama got 17 parking tickets during 1989-1991 from the Cambridge Police Department that he left unpaid until just weeks before he announced his bid for the presidency."

Now, the Somerville Times didn't go on to say that Obama had an axe to grind with the Cambridge PD, but let's think about that possiblity for a minute. Is there anybody among us, who, having been elected to the highest, most powerful office in the land, and having had a possibly long-forgotten incident forced to the forefront of our mind by some unrelated news story, would not at least think to themself "Now's my chance to get even with those S.O.B.s!" Even if we dismissed the idea immediately it surely would have entered our mind, and quite possibly colored (no pun intended) our public response - especially if we were unexpectedly asked for our opinion on that unrelated incident. I'll admit it for myself - the thought would have at least flashed through my mind.

And, strangely enough, this blog entry is not meant to be another indictment of Obama's insufficiency as your president, but rather a possible explanation for his verbal faux pas when asked what he thought of the Henry Gates incident and arrest. His reply was every bit as "stupid" as the stupidity which he bestowed upon the Cambridge officer's actions.

As always, there is that outside chance that I could be wrong in my analysis...

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