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Friday, May 15, 2009

"Work" Is A Four Letter Word... For Some People

For others work is something they thrive upon, and for the vast majority it is something they do because it allows them to acquire those things upon which they put the label of "important". Work is what built our country. We didn't become the most advanced country in the world by sitting around doing nothing!

Those who thrive upon work put in extremely long hours - ten, twelve or more hours comprise their average workday - and many even take work home so they can continue to be productive on their days off. We call these people "workaholics". Some do it in hopes of getting a raise, a bonus, or a promotion. Some do it simply because they love what they do. They don't consider it work, per se... for them it's more of a paid hobby or a compensated entertainment.

However, the majority of working people hold down jobs. A job is more like something that one has to do (and most people are in jobs they can barely tolerate, much less enjoy) in order to do other things which they do enjoy. Among these enjoyable activities are things like eating, living indoors, providing for one's family, owning reliable transportation, meeting one's financial obligations, and being able to acquire the occasional "nice to have" item that does nothing more than please the owner. Although it may be drudgery to most, those who work jobs are the backbone of our country. There are a very limited number of executive positions in industry, and significantly more positions in various levels of management. But, for every executive and management position there are probably 100 or more jobs. Jobs are our economy!

The third category is what I lovingly refer to as the entitlement whores. These are the 4th and 5th generation welfare recipients, who do nothing except breed (to increase the size of their welfare check), and take up space on our planet. Prior to the Great Depression of the late 1920s and 1930s there was no such thing in the United States as "welfare". Everybody was entitled to the fruits of their labors - that, and nothing more. If you were down on your luck, relatives, friends and neighbors would do what they could to assist you in righting yourself again. Not by showering you with money... but by helping you to get productive and back on your feet again. Since the 1950s AFDC (Aid For Dependent Children) has become a family business for many Americans, passed on from one generation to the next. When money gets tight, just pop out a couple of more kids and you'll get a nice raise! That Gubmint housing doesn't cost much, and the Gubmint cheese is free. And you can trade most of those food stamps for liquor, cigarettes, and drugs. How sweet it is to live on somebody else's money!

How would I change the welfare system?
1. The first thing I would do would be to place limits on welfare for anybody who was physically and mentally capable of holding a job in a competitive working environment - much like unemployment compensation. Welfare would last no longer than 18 months, during which time job training and job placement assistance would be provided. Failure to complete training, or to accept a job offer would result in immediate termination of all welfare benefits. If living off the system isn't beneath you, then neither is a job shoveling manure.

2. Welfare would only be available once in a lifetime - unless, as verified by a state contracted physician, an incapacitating physical or mental injury developed. If they quit their job or get fired, they need to find another job before they get too hungry.

3. Arrest and conviction for any felony-level crime, posession or use of narcotics, DUII, or public intoxication would result in immediate termination of all welfare benefits.

4. Breeding is not considered a career. The first child may be on the system, but the second child would reduce the AFDC benefit by 33%, the third child would result in Child Protective Services removing all the children from the home and placing them in Foster Care. Parental rights would be terminated until such time as the parent finds employment suitable for sustaining a family of that size. The parent will be ineligible for further welfare benefits for life - unless, as verified by a state contracted physician, an incapacitating physical or mental injury developed.

My position is this: if you are capable of working and aren't working, then get a job! Don't expect the taxes, paid by those who work for a living, to support you! You aren't entitled to anything, except an opportunity to earn your way. I've been a taxpayer since I was 14 years old.

If you think I'm wrong about this, feel free to tell me why - but don't bother me with a bunch of whiny, emotional crap.

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