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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obama At ASU Graduation

As you may already know, I am not a fan of Barack Obama. My personal belief is that he is not a proper leader for our republic - Obama's desired destination is socialism. He is a fine orator, and he has the ability to mesmerize his audience... as long as his teleprompter is functioning. But, an empty drum makes the most noise. He is our first black President, which is a singular achievement thus far in our nation's history. How he got to be so is another question entirely. There are unanswered questions about his true place of birth. There are questions about how many dead people voted for him in Illinois - and other states - through the fine efforts of ACORN. There are questions about his lack of demonstrated respect for Queen Elizabth II, of the United Kingdom, versus his overt display of great respect for leaders of Islamic and Arab nations.

Oddly enough, the thrust of this posting will be to defend Barack Hussein Obama. People had told me (and I found corroboration in several blogs) that Obama had said, "America sucks, capitalism sucks, and our military sucks." I listened to his entire speech online, and I did not hear anything even vaguely resembling those statements. It would take a high degree of listener inference to come away with those impressions. He even gave slightly glowing credit to those who serve in our military.

However, there was an undertone of socialist indoctrination throughout his speech. I quote:
"Graduates, it is now abundantly clear that we need to start doing things a little differently," he said, bedecked in graduate robes. "As a nation, we'll need a fundamental change of perspective and attitude. It is clear that we need to build a new foundation – a stronger foundation – for our economy and our prosperity, rethinking how we grow our economy, how we use our energy, how we educate our children, and care for our sick, and treat our environment." I can find nothing in that paragraph that is arguable. We do need to change all of those things. The real question is, in what direction?

Socialism does not work! This has been proven repeatedly throughout history. Our nation was not founded under socialism, nor did socialism transform the USA from a rebellious colony into a world leader in less than 200 years. Sooner or later you do "run out of other people's money". Socialism is anathema to everything this country was built upon and stood for... prior to January 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day).

There are enough things obviously wrong with Barack Hussein Obama as President, that we do not need to concoct others through inference and innuendo. He is leading the USA to the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, instead of strengthening it.

I suppose I could be completely wrong about this... anybody got the weather report for Hell?

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