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Monday, May 11, 2009

If It Waddles Like A Duck, And Quacks Like A Duck....

Here's our fearless leaders' latest plan to eliminate the elderly. From Reuters News Service, 5/11/09:

"By focusing on delivering more efficient care, Obama is weighing in on one of the least controversial aspects of his healthcare proposal rather than the much more heated topic of whether to establish a new public insurance plan.

A more efficient healthcare system would save the government money by reducing spending on the huge Medicare system, an existing program for older Americans." FOR WHICH WE PAY almost $100 per month, every month!

Reducing spending on Medicare results in reduced levels of care, which results in reduced life expectancy. I'm expecting to hear the announcement on TV and radio, requiring all persons over the age of 60 to report to the Soylent Green Biscuit Company for final processing!

My own doctor, who had been scheduling me to be seen by his office every 3 months, suddenly stopped scheduling me at all as soon as I reached 65 and became eligible for Medicare. This is our government saying, "Thank you for a lifetime of supporting your government... now, just go somewhere and DIE! Your continued existence is no longer producing significant income for the government."


If you want to cut back on medical costs, how about eliminating Medicaid for the entitlement whore adults. These freeloaders are less than uproductive, they are THE MAIN DRAIN on our tax base.

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Krista said...

So the answer is to reduce medical costs - either by cutting services that no one can afford anyway or a national health system. You know what I think! ;-)