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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unbelievably STUPID!!

Alrighty then ... Obama and his entourage of incompetents (and incompetence, too) continue to put the blame for the current financial condition of the USA on Gee Dubbya, in spite of the fact that the liberal Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006. What's that got to do with it? Y'all take notes now ...

1. Control of Congress means they also controlled the pursestrings of the government.
2. The government insisted that Fannie May, Freddie Mac and other lenders make home loans to people who did not meet the established standards that insured the ability to repay the loans.
3. George Bush started warning people about the foreseeable recession in 2001, specifically asking for better controls on Fanny and Freddie. John McCain made a similar speech on the floor of the Senate in 2003.
4. Liberal Dems Barney Franks and Chuck Schumer denied there were any problems with the GFE's Fanny and Freddie.
5. In 2008, thanks to the Dimocrats resistance to doing the right thing, the financial house of cards began crumbling.

And the fat lady ain't sung yet, folks! I predicted a recession well over a year ago, but I wasn't blogging then, so only family and a few close friends might remember it. We've been in that recession for about a year now, although the government wouldn't admit it (because of a semantic technicality) until just a few months ago.

Obama lacks the courage to admit where and how the problem began, and - as any good politician (isn't that an oxymoron) would - he blames the other party and the previous administration for his partys refusal to cooperate in resolving the problem before it reached gargantuan proportions.

Are there those in the Pork Palace (House and Senate) who still want what's best for the country, as opposed to what's best for them? I doubt that any elected official at the Federal level would be voted out of office, or run out of town on a rail, for doing what was in the best interests of the UNITED STATES, as opposed to what's best for Califlorisotazona.
1. Almost 600,000 jobs were lost in the USA in January 2009.
2. Wall Street has shown how much they believe in Obama-as-Messiah by floundering for the last 2 months.
3. Illegal aliens have actually begun voluntarily returning to Mexico (which is not a bad thing) because the job market is in such bad shape in this country and the cost of living keeps going up on a weekly basis.
4. Socialism has reared its ugly head, and it is revered by those who would rather nurse at the government teat than work for a living and support themselves! Apparently, based on the recent election results, they are in the majority these days.
5. Those who supported Obama will be repaid by getting "tax refund checks" on taxes they never paid! (That is called "welfare", right?) Too many grasshoppers and not enough ants ...

The government is about to stick its nose into our medical records through an act of "benevolence" ... bring socialized medicine to the USA. Yet another failed systematized process, as proven by 95% of the countries that have tried it. It does provide everybody with medical care. Unfortunately - for many in the system - it will not provide any post-mortem benefits, of which they may become in need while waiting their turn for medical care.

Change simply for change sake is ridiculous! What kinds of morons have we permitted to reproduce during the last generation or two, that would vote a socialist leader into office? If we do not, collectively, wake up before it's too late, and demand that our government be responsive to the will of the people, and serve us as they were elected to do, we will never recover from the plague of social, moral, philosophical, and financial ills of the Obama administration.

I could be wrong about this ... but I'm NOT!


Krista said...

I am a fan of national health. In Oz you can purchase private health insurance if you want to, but I've never seen anyone die waiting. We have people die here because they put off going to the doctor because they can't afford to go and catch illnesses while in their early stage. Then they end up in the emergency room and we have to pay for it in the end anyway. I've been in the position of no health insurance and it's difficult when your child is sick and you don't know if it's serious or something that will pass and you don't know if it's worth $80 for a visit. Or if you're sick you feel guilty if you go because it taps into your tight budget. Then if the pharmaceutical companies didn't own the doctors, insurance companies we might not be in the predicament we're in.

Gil said...

Oz is that that successful 5%. Canadians move down to the U.S. to have cancer surgery while they are still alive. Some fear that the 3-4 year wait for surgery is entirely too long to allow a tumor to reside in his/her body. Obama is enamored of the Europeans however, and he will undoubtedly establish our socialized medicine in the unsuccessful fashion of EU medicine.

Krista said...

Yeah, they always use Canada as an example. Why would we have to do it the exact same way as Canada? All the other western countries have national health. Another problem - the drug companies not charging the same to other countries for medication. USA pays for all the R&D and many of us go to Canada and Mexico to buy medications. Seth's accutane was $219 instead of $435 US. It wasn't a life threatening condition but it was a matter of being disfigured from acne, which is the road he was going down. Then there's the whole issue of top executives getting huge bonuses and salaries...blah blah blah. A lot of our specialists are imports from other countries anyway because they can make the big bucks here.