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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is Barack Obama the USA's Robert Mugabe?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the name Robert Mugabe, he has been the leader of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) for almost three decades. Although his early history shows him as a "freedom fighter" for the rights of native black Africans, and a relatively 'good shepherd' of his flock, his most recent actions show him to be an incapable administrator, dictatorial in his governance and oblivious to international concerns over the direction in which he has taken Zimbabwe.

After the recent fraudulent Zimbabwean Presidential election - in which Mugabe was defeated - he simply refused to vacate the office of President or surrender control of the government. He demanded a unity government, and got it. He creates Zimbabwean "law" on the fly, and ignores international law and the needs of his people.

By now you may be wondering, "What does this have to do with any behavioral relationship to Barack Obama?"

1. At the time of Zimbabwe's independence in 1980, slightly over 45% of Zimbabwe's arable land was owned by approximately 6,000 (primarily white) farmers. Zimbabwe was productive and considered to be the "breadbasket of southern Africa". Zimbabwe was a major exporter of agricultural products. Life was good, and it remained so for the better part of 20 years.

2. In April of 2000 the Zimbabwean constitution was amended in such a fashion as to allow the government to confiscate white-owned land for redistribution to black "farmers" without compensation. Almost immediately, self-styled "war veterans" began invading white-owned farms. Those owners who did not leave voluntarily were often tortured and sometimes killed. One was forced to drink diesel fuel as a form of torture.

3. This redistribution of wealth resulted in the collapse of Zimbabwe's agricultural industry, and the destruction of their economy. Zimbabwe now depends on food programs and support from outside to feed its population. A third of the population depends on food supplies from the World Food Program to avoid starvation.

4. The daily inflation rate in Zimbabwe is slightly more than 98%, which equates to an annual inflation rate of 516 quintillion per cent. Based on my comments in my most recent previous posting I understand how difficult that number is to really understand. It is the number 516 followed by 18 zeros. This figure is totally unfathomable as a concept of quantity or anything else! It is, most probably, the highest inflation rate any sovereign country in the world has ever experienced.

5. Mugabe said the unity government will continue to push for a majority stake of "at least 51%" in companies operating in Zimbabwe, to be controlled by dubiously qualified indigenous black Africans ... including banks. (Nationalization of private businesses by government. How is this different than our Democratically-controlled government becoming invested in the banking, housing, and the automotive industries?) Mugabe was recently quoted as having said:

"In the areas of mining, agriculture and manufacturing, a methodological and systematic identification of areas in which the state and indigenous entrepreneurs can participate, is being carried out, in line with the Indigenous and Empowerment Act."

The nationalization law, which Mugabe signed a few days before last March's general election, seeks to transfer majority control of foreign firms, including mines and banks, to indigenous blacks.

In the long term, no good has come to Zimbabwe as a nation - or the average Zimbabwean - as a result of Robert Mugabe's reign. If you observe Zimbabwe, you will get a preview of what's in store for the USA if our current government does not change its course. (My guess is that Mugabe, as with most dictators, suffers from a serious mental illness ... similar to a Messianic Complex.)

There is the remote possibility that I could be wrong about this ... but I'm NOT!

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