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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

*OINK* - I Smell PORK!!

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi goes to to visit the Pope on the public dime ... this seems to be an issue of state endorsement of a specific religion. She is an official of our government, flying with her entourage of sycophants, in a government (read: taxpayer) supplied 200 seat aircraft, to have an audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

In an attempt to be perfectly fair about this though, she will meet with representatives of the Italian government during her week long visit to Italy. Pelosi, who arrived in Rome on Sunday after spending the day in the Tuscan capital Florence, was to meet with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and lunch with her Italian counterpart Gianfranco Fini on Monday.

Monday afternoon she was to lead a conference on security before meeting the press. (Excuse me, but what the hell does Nancy Pelosi know about security, other than the fact that our government provides it for her?)

On Tuesday, Pelosi was to meet Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the defence and foreign ministers, Ignazio La Russa and Franco Frattini.

Pelosi plans to spend Thursday in southern Naples (doing what ... shopping??).

Okay ... so here's her iternerary:

Sunday: Pelosi goes shopping and sightseeing in Florence

Monday: Pelosi meets with the head lefty of the left-wing Italian government for lunch, then "leads a conference on security" in the afternoon before she meets with the press. (She's used up maybe 4 hours of Monday for "business".)

Tuesday: Pelosi meets with 3 other lefties, probably simultaneously in the PM's office. But, let's be generous and say she meets with them individually in their own offices. (That takes care of 3 hours or a half workday.)

Wednesday: Audience with "Il Papa". (There goes 45 minutes.)

Which leaves Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which are unaccounted for. With no published official schedule, one can only assume that it will be spent touring and shopping
, at our expense. And, although her airplane has a large bedroom, and a staff to see to her every need, I seriously doubt that she's sleeping in it in these hard economic times. My money says that she stays in a 5-star hotel everywhere she stops.

The Head Porker puts the perennial pork to the people again!

I suppose I could be wrong about this ... but I'm

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Krista said...

Almost makes me wish I was a politician so I can get free trips....uh....just kidding. I'm not a good liar.