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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sarah Palin - Perhaps No Pro, But No Con Either

Sarah Palin is now a household name, yet prior to her selection as the John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate she was virtually unknown outside the state of Alaska. Sarah, as she prefers to be called, may not be a professional politician - which to my way of thinking is a good thing - but she doesn't try to con the American people, either. She presents herself in a WYSIWYG manner, without the typical political smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand. Sarah is guilty ... of being an American in the first degree!

This typical American daughter/mother/wife moved up the political ladder more because of her plain-spoken believability than in spite of it. Sarah is easy to look at, and appears to be at ease in her surroundings, whether they be a coffee shop in Wasilla, Alaska or the floor of the Republican National Convention. Unlike most professional politicians, Sarah Palin rings true.

Her background is not that different from most Americans. She comes from a working-class family, attended public schools, graduated from Wasilla High and the University of Idaho fer cryin' out loud! Sarah's background - prior to her election to the internationally powerful Wasilla City Council - is neither a politcal one nor a monied one. She didn't attend Harvard, Yale, or Brown Universities ... she went to a university that would probably even accept me! Sara Palin is one of us.

And that is precisely why the elitist media snobs chose to make light of her exhibited qualifications. Sarah isn't one of them, and that scares the hell out of the liberal left. She doesn't think, talk or shoot fancy - just straight from the hip. Sarah has more executive-level experience than our incoming President, brought new energy and excitement to McCain's hobbling campaign, and created hope amongst the leadership of the RNC that they might actually be able to salvage the country from the grip of left-wing socialists. Almost overnight, she rejuvenated the conservative body of America. Unfortunately, conservative America - once again - turned out to be the too silent majority. Conservative complacency, and an increased number of liberal judges legislating from the bench, will be the downfall of these United States.

So ... what's not to like about Sarah Palin? All of her positive qualities ... if you're a left-wing bleeding heart liberal! I believe we've just seen beginning of Sarah Palin at the national level. If nothing else, her short VP nominee gig did one thing for her. Of the potential Republican Presidential candidates for 2012, Sarah Palin now has the most recognized name in the Republican Party!

I could be wrong about his ... but I'm NOT!

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Krista said...

Finally, you're speaking my language! One very important note....she started her career in the PTA! When you get to regional and state level PTA it gets very political. Not only caring for your local school children, but the welfare of all children in your state and country. You really have to have a lot of passion to stay there at that level of PTA. I heard a lot of good women come from PTA. I miss that part of my life!