Goodbye Barry - Welcome Home AMERICA!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Okay ... Here's The Deal ... All You Ignorant Ragheads Pay Attention!

If you are dumb enough to allow cowardly terrorists/militants/insurgents/freedom-fighters to hide themselves and their weapons caches in your cities, amongst your civilian population, don't run whining to the International left-wing media when you incur civilian casualties. It makes you look like a bunch of morons! It's what's called "collateral damage", and you better get used to it ... unless you decide to have your military eliminate the terrorists hiding within the confines of your country. Israel, and the Western nations embroiled in the Middle East conflicts, have shown restraint well beyond that which could be expected by reasonable human beings. They have held back to the point where the lives of their own people were placed in even greater jeopardy.

If a school, hospital, or mosque is used as a staging area from which to launch an attack against a military force, expect that school, hospital, or mosque to receive incoming fire from those whom you have attacked. Such retaliation should not come as a surprise to you. This is how war works ... if you try to kill me and are unsuccessful, then it's my turn! If you have fired on me from one of those places don't expect me to be shooting off into a nearby forest, or the desert. My job is to eliminate the immediate threat to my physical well-being, and the well-being of my comrades. I will concentrate my return fire upon those areas from whence hostile fire originated.

And, for all you whiny media morons and politicians ... understand that armed combat is not a precise science, and even the smartest of the so-called "smart bombs" cannot differentiate between a terrorist and an innocent. If a soldier is fired upon from "building X" then anything that moves within "building X" becomes a target. If you want to place blame, then place it where it belongs - on the cowards who chose to launch their attacks from within those buildings - buildings that are normally not considered as targets.

I could be wrong about this ... but I'm NOT!