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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Orders Closure of Guantanamo

There's no surprise in that, as any good left-wing, bleeding-heart, socialist liberal will tell you. But, that's not the end of it, OH NO! He also wants to bring those that are not released into the United States, give them all the benefits of our constitution, try them in civilian courts, and provide them with civilian attorneys!

Here's what's wrong with those ideas:

1. Personally (and I know all the Constitutional Law scholars would disagree with me), I don't believe that anybody who is not a citizen of this country should be entitled to the protections guaranteed by our constitution. I'm a bit flexible on that belief if somebody can show me a rational argument indicating that I'm wrong. So far though, nobody has.
2. Bringing them into this country gets them closer to their desired targets - Americans!
3. Trying them in civilian courts is absolutely ridiculous. These people are not peaceful demonstrators, they are enemy combatants detained by the US military as a result of, in many cases, armed, confrontations with US military forces. These cowards are not civilians, nor are they uniformed military
, nor do they represent the publicly stated policies of any sovereign nation's government. What they are is organized armed thugs wishing to do physical harm of a terminal nature to all Westerners, and anybody else that does not believe exactly as they do! They hide among the civilian populations of the Middle East, attack from within those populations, and then when we respond to those attacks, they whine to the global left-wing media about Western forces injuring civilians. They are prisoners of war and, as such, they should be outside the purview of civilian courts, and subject to trial only by military tribunal. Never in the history of the world have run-of-the-mill prisoners of war been tried in civilian courts, why should we begin now?
4. Providing them with civilian attorneys is equally ridiculous, for the above reasons, PLUS the expense of their defense would be paid for by our tax dollars! On the other hand, perhaps all those good, left-wing, ACLU attorneys will provide their services pro bono ... but don't hold your breath while waiting for that to happen! Obama has already told us that he wants a national budget in the TRILLIONS of dollars, to bring his socialist give-away agenda to fruition. I sense that smug feeling of victory will soon disappear from those Americans who were so emotionally overwhelmed at Obama's election to the highest office in the land. It's called the Peter Principle ...

I could be wrong ... but, I'm NOT!

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Krista said...

Did you expect anything different? I'm expecting him to turn into a serpent and the media comment on how magical that is.