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Saturday, November 29, 2008

When Will The World Unanimously Say "ENOUGH!"

Islamic terrorists have now endeared themselves to yet another nation - India. The Indian government responded quickly and decisively, yet exercised reasonable caution to protect the hostages entrapped in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. People from around the world were lodged at the "Taj", concentrating on enjoying vacations and holidays, conducting international trade meetings, and visiting relatives ... in a nutshell, they were just being. They bothered nobody, but were brutally and indiscriminately murdered by this group of well-trained, well-organized, and well-armed lunatic Muslim fanatics. Apparently the world of Islam has initiated a philosophy of "conversion through fear, intimidation, and mindless wholesale slaughter".

Sadly, in some cases, it seems to be working for them - specifically France and England. Both countries seem to have all but turned over the government to them, by practicing Political Correctness to the same extreme that the lunatic Muslims practice the enforcement of the Will of Allah! It further appears that we in the USA are the next in line to kowtow to their demands for special recognition, treatment, and accommodation. We've already begun!

The word terrorist is rarely used in media reporting of such activities. Instead, these poor, misunderstood, kill-you-in-a-New York-second, supremely evil bastards are generally referred to using the euphemism "militants". I may be wrong, but my understanding of the term "militant" is that it has historically been applied to citizens/subjects of the country in which they are conducting civil demonstrations. And, yes, I did emphasize the term "civil demonstrations", although frequently these demonstrations are considerably less civil than most people would like. They tend to devolve into acts of civil disobedience and civil disruption - which is when the rock throwing, window smashing, automobile destruction, vandalism and looting begins. But it is extremely rare that these "militants" commence firing automatic weapons and lobbing hand grenades at civilians ... or at anybody else, for that matter!

Terrorists are maniacal cowards, who murder unarmed civilians for no other reason than this - they can. They choose civilians because terrorists lack the courage to face armed opponents. For those of you with a religious bent, terrorists are a manifestation of the legions of Satan. For the rest of you, terrorists are Evil (with a capital E) incarnate - the physical embodiment of all that which can be corrupt and twisted in the mind of a human being.

WHEN WILL THE WORLD - IN UNISON - CRY OUT "ENOUGH!", and tell the masters of these rabid dogs the following:
"If a terrorist can be traced to your country, we will attempt to determine which town he or she came from ... and FLATTEN IT! If we cannot determine his or her point of origin, we will immediately assume it was the capital city ... and FLATTEN IT! If you would not like to see either of these things happen, keep your fanatics inside your own borders.
Warmest regards,
The Rest of The World"

Maybe that would slow down the terrorist activity a bit. Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out!

The world needs to stop puckering up every time the Muslims demand something from us! I could be wrong ........................... but I'm NOT!


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Krista said...

I say "ENOUGH" too! Why can't we all just get along? There's something nice about traveling to a foreign country and experiencing another culture. We need to stop molding our culture to suit others. When I went to Thailand we were told before we went to the Bhuddist temple grounds that women should have their ankles covered (with a skirt). Should we cry, "I'm an American and I shouldn't have to conform!" No. I appreciated experiencing their culture and gladly purchased a wrap around skirt for about $4!!