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Friday, November 7, 2008

Utah faces boycott after Mormon work for Prop 8

That's what the headline from the very liberal - and very misleading - Associated Press says. The homosexuals, homosexual bloggers, assorted homosexual supporters, and other proponents of the perverse, now claim that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka the LDS Church, or Mormon Church) should have its tax-exempt status revoked for taking a moral stand against what most people still consider to be a perverse lifestyle (this seems to be particularly true among people with strong religious convictions ... not just "Mormons"). I thought the churches of the world were supposed to be the guardians of morality - not by enforcement, but, rather, by identifcation and encouragement of moral actions! The "secular-progressives" of the world would also like to see the Ten Commandments of God, renamed "the Ten Recommendations" or perhaps "the Ten Suggestions", if not eradicated from the face of the Earth.

I am not a bible thumper, a fact to which anyone who knows me can attest, but I am familiar with the book. If the church had taken a stand for or against a particular candidate for election, I would probably agree with those who think it no longer deserves tax-exempt status. However, they came to be counted on a moral issue that had been put up for public vote, not a candidate. The Church itself had no vote! Individual Church members took individual action and voted their own conscience, based upon not just the teachings of their Church, but upon the scripture in the holy book of all Christian denominations. The word "abomination" is not used lightly, and means a bit more than "I don't like it".

I could be wrong ................................ but, I'm NOT!


Krista said...

Of course, you're right! People forget our country was built on religious freedom. I don't think gays want to be equal, I think they want to be special.

Krista said...

I forgot to mention....the gays may ban Utah, but I don't think there are that many of them that visit. It was awful when they banned Disneyland, they took a hard hit - we know that many gay guys want to be "a princess for a day."