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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two First-Graders Suspended For Playing Cops & Robbers... UNBELIEVABLE!

Here's a disturbing excerpt from today's Political Outcast:
"Just a couple weeks ago, a 6-year-old student was suspended for pretending to “shoot” another student with his hand and saying, “Pow!” He was playing of course, but the school officials were alarmed by the boy’s behavior and suspended him. In the assistant principal’s letter to the student’s parents, she wrote that their son “threatened to shoot another student.” After the parents secured a lawyer, they appealed the decision of the school, and the school overturned the student’s suspension. This very thing just happened again earlier this week to two other 6-year-olds in a Talbot County, Maryland school. A local CBS affiliate reported:
“There’s controversy at a Talbot County school after two 6-year-old boys were suspended while playing cops and robbers during recess and using their fingers to make an imaginary gun.”
And these gun control zealots claim that gun owners are the paranoid ones. They love to poke fun of us for thinking that our government will become tyrannical to the point that we’ll need only the most powerful guns to defend ourselves. How silly, naïve and paranoid we must be to think that our government would plan to completely oppress us once they leave us defenseless."
Read more:
Did I somehow miss this in the lamestream media? How feeble-minded are today's school administrators? Part of the problem in this country is that our educators are primarily left-wing liberals, who are so concerned about showing themselves as paragons of PC that they have disposed of whatever common sense they may have once had. This seems to be especially true at the college/university level. but in order for the professors to successfully indoctrinate their students, the indoctrination process must begin at the entry level of their education.

With so few exceptions that they aren't worth mentioning, virtually ALL little boys of my generation played "cops-n-robbers" (and even "cowboys-n-Indians") while using their fingers as make-believe guns. And ya know what? None of those kids I grew up with ever shot anybody unless it was in a military "shoot or be shot" confrontation. Most children have very active imaginations... cops-n-robbers and cowboys-n-Indians are really nothing more than noisy variants of hide-n-seek. But, allowing a child the freedom to explore his/her imagination is a bad thing, because it allows the child to sample things as they think things should be, rather than accepting things as they are instructed to by "The Authorities". Socioeconomic progress depends upon imagination! If the world had stifled the imaginations of people like Marie (and Pierre) Curie, Nikola Tesla, A.G. Bell, Einstein, and Paul Winchell (ventriloquist/inventor of the first "artificial heart") we would be that much poorer for it today.

America's students now lag behind much of the world in the fields of mathematics and science... why is that? Because they are being trained to think inside the box, and to stay inside the lines when coloring. The expressing of an individual's inquiring mind is simply not supported. And, in many cases creative thought is actually discouraged for fear of hurting the delicate egos of the less intelligent students. Many of our "educators" today have an arrogance about them - an attitude that they are the fountain from which all necessary and useful knowledge flows, and that any thoughts or ideas which conflict with that attitude are obviously wrong. It takes an observant student roughly three class days to determine which teachers/profs those are, and how they need to "play the game" in order to complete that class satisfactorily. But... I am beginning to drift from my post's title.

I suppose the bottom line for all of us is to reduce violence in our society. I'm all for that! However, I don't believe that the answer is to essentially criminalize children's game-play any more than it is to ban/restrict/register firearms. Just my thoughts.

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