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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Death By A Thousand Cuts - The Gradual Destruction of Our Constitution

The Obama Administration has proven time and again its disdain for the U.S. Constitution - which is viewed as an impediment to accomplishing their surreptitious goal of imposing their will on the American people.

Yes, this Architect of  Destruction was re-elected by a majority of voters. That particular majority is composed of those who benefit primarily from government "entitlement programs", such as Welfare and Medicaid, in which the beneficiary has no investment. Programs into which the worker's taxes are diverted to support those who are uninterested in becoming self-supporting. This is an obvious conflict of interest, and these people should not be allowed to vote. Who comprises this "majority of voters"? Single issue voters - the under-informed and those unconcerned about the continued success of our country - they are the, "What's in it for me?" crowd.

·        Those who choose to let the government support them, as opposed to those who are self-sufficient - 4th and 5th generation welfare recipients. For them, living off the earnings of others has become the "family business", passed along from parent to child. They are lured into the voting booth by the promise of continued - and increased - government support. (Single issue voters)
·        Those who are in this country illegally, who also benefit from those same government entitlement programs, and who are promised amnesty and citizenship by the government's incumbent leadership, as a reward for circumventing our country's immigration laws. They are criminals from the day they enter our country… if not before. (Single issue voters)
·        The extended resident families of illegal residents, who wish their relatives to be closer so they can interact with them on a more regular basis. (Single issue voters)
·        Socialist-"Progressives", who believe that the fruits of those who labor should be evenly divided between the worker and those who choose not to work. These people are the self-appointed "social conscience" of our nation. They have a warped philosophy that demands those who do nothing for themselves have an inherent, God-given right to live as well as those who actually work to provide for themselves and their family. (Single issue voters)
·        Those who suffer from White Guilt Syndrome, and who feel the only cure is to vote for anybody who is not of the Caucasian persuasion. (Single issue voters)
·        Those who are unfamiliar with, and unconcerned about, the overreaching long-term effects of socialist-style governance. The "Can I reasonably expect this to have any  impact upon my daily life?" gang. (Single issue voters)

Swatches of Obama's life reveal little… but, when viewed as "whole cloth", the influences on Obama's life comprise a who's who of the radical leftist movement, and it becomes painfully apparent that not only is Obama a willing participant in that movement, he has spent most of his adult life deeply immersed in it.
I will now introduce Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, authors of …

The Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis

This strategy was first seen in the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation magazine by a pair of radical socialist Columbia University professors - Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. David Horowitz encapsulates it thusly:
The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

Cloward and Piven were inspired by radical organizer [and Hillary Clinton mentor] Saul Alinsky:
"Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules," Alinsky wrote in his 1989 book Rules for Radicals. "When pressed to honor every word of every law and statute, every Judeo-Christian moral tenet, and every implicit promise of the liberal social contract, human agencies inevitably fall short. The system's failure to 'live up' to its rule book can then be used to discredit it altogether, and to replace the capitalist 'rule book' with a socialist one."

Cloward and Piven were specific about the kind of "crisis" they were trying to create:
By crisis, we mean a publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere. Crisis can occur spontaneously (e.g., riots) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest which either generate institutional disruption or bring unrecognized disruption to public attention.

No matter where the strategy is implemented, it shares the following features:
1.     The offensive organizes previously unorganized groups eligible for government benefits but not currently receiving all they can.
2.     The offensive seeks to identify new beneficiaries and/or create new benefits. 
3.  The overarching aim is always to impose new stresses on target systems, with the ultimate goal of forcing their collapse.

The preceding is Cloward-Piven in a nutshell (see diagram of C-P at the end of this post - for specific details Google Cloward Piven Strategy). This constitutes the crux - the backbone - of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Now, in light of this explanation of strategy, look back and review Obama's actions over the past four years…
·        Extending unemployment benefits beyond anything this country has ever seen. As the economy slowly tanked, due to the surreptitious efforts of our currently left-wing dominated government, unemployment naturally increased. If people are buying fewer products made by XYZ Corporation, XYZ will necessarily have to reduce their overhead costs of production in order to satisfy their obligations to stockholders. Where can they most easily do this? The costs of labor and quality of materials used to produce the product. This is achieved through layoffs of ambiguous/redundant personnel, and reduction in the quality of ingredients/ parts/components used in the manufacturing process. These reductions also activate "trickle down unemployment", in that their suppliers of materials may be forced to follow suit in their factory based upon reduced product demand, and on and on. (See above C-P "…thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.")
·        Increasing Welfare benefits by providing goods and services well beyond those of "necessities". Instead of  providing only food "staples" (Flour, Wheat, Salt, Pepper, Rice, Dried Beans, Yeast, Butter, Milk, Cheese, etc.), EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Cards can be used for frozen meals, cut meats, sectioned poultry, shrimp, lobster, etc. - food items that many working people cannot afford. They can now even be used at fast food restaurants! (Another wound "…thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.")
·        The "Occupy" movement(s) - designed to disrupt the flow of various private financial, educational and government institutions. (C-P strategy: "Crisis can occur spontaneously (e.g., riots) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest." and "… thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.")
·        Creating a Cabinet replete with persons whose political philosophies are inimical to the interests of the United States, and giving aid and support to foreign political entities (like Egypt, now run by the Muslim Brotherhood, and linked to numerous terrorist organizations, to whom our government just sold 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams M1 tanks) whose avowed goal is the annihilation of Israel, and the establishment of a world-wide Islamic theocracy and Caliphate, governing by the draconian laws of "Sharia". Giving "aid and support" to our enemies was once considered to be an act of treason. Why has Obama not been impeached for this treasonous act (just one of his many violations of our Constitutions)?

We also have an abuse of power through Executive Order. Obama uses it as a tool to bypass Congress when he doesn't want a vote. "Executive Order 13621: WHITE HOUSE INITIATIVE ON EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS" is a prime example of this. Executive Office racism! Why should African-Americans - specifically - need an edict from the White house on "educational excellence"? Why not specify Native Americans, or Latino Americans… or simply Americans in general? Why not issue an EO demanding that all Americans become self-motivated to excel in their educational endeavors?

An Executive Order becomes law 30 days after signing… unless it is challenged by Congress.  Where are the Congressional challenges? Where are our "checks and balances"? Where are the few elected representatives of the people who may have the cojones to question the demands of The Great Usurper? (I say "may" because the existence of any such people in Congress is highly questionable.) The demonstrated irresponsibility of our "leadership" in all three branches of  Government is appalling! (More wounds to the Constitution)

Socialism as a practical form of government is anathema to a still slight majority of Americans…  those who yet believe in the Democratic Republic, and those who toil for wages. As Margaret Thatcher so succinctly worded it, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. ”

Obama's solution to that noteworthy "problem", is to borrow more money to distribute frivolously, and then, to print more money which is worth less because there are no reserves behind the paper that it's printed on! We are not only on the financial path to becoming the world's next Greece, we are on the Hyperinflation Expressway to becoming the world's next Zimbabwe. (During the height of inflation from 2008 to 2009, it was difficult to measure Zimbabwe's hyperinflation because the government of Zimbabwe stopped filing official inflation statistics. However, Zimbabwe's peak month of inflation is estimated at 6.5 sextillion percent in mid-November 2008. In March of 2008, a loaf of bread cost 10,000,000 $Z. Yes, that's TEN MILLION ZIMBABWE DOLLARS! In 2009, Zimbabwe abandoned its currency. As of 2012, Zimbabwe still had no national currency; currencies from other countries are used.)

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