Goodbye Barry - Welcome Home AMERICA!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Headline: "Eurozone ministers try to beef up rescue fund"

Personally, I was surprised when the Euro succeeded for more than 18 months! There were so many countries included with failing economies, that the other more solvent countries wound up subsidizing them to their own detriment.

What is causing the decline of the Euro? The same thing that is calling the US dollar into question as the "reserve currency" for International trade. Incompetent leadership, elected primarily by people who want a "nanny state" to support their laziness!

What will save the Euro? Greater employment and the internal production of consumer goods. Outsourcing only benefits major corporations, it does nothing for the workers of the country except place them on the unemployment lines instead of the production lines.

The USA should adopt an total isolationist policy for five years, and severely tax any corporation that outsources jobs - to the tune of paying FULL UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS for one American for every job they outsource overseas. We should also eliminate all foreign aid until we are free of debt... or at least have reduced our debt to a reasonable level. We provide foreign aid to approximately 90% of the world... of which 99% are ungrateful! We must also secure our borders, keeping those who have not been properly authorized out of our country. To make matters worse, almost all of our foreign aid goes into the pockets of those officials charged with the proper distribution of those monies!

We shoulder the cost of freeing those peoples subjected to tyrannical dictatorships, without just compensation or repayment. Instead, after freeing them (or even after not freeing them), we then pay to rebuild their country!

The working and retired taxpayers support the indolent through "welfare assistance", which should only be made available to those unfortunates who are physically and/or mentally incapable of getting or maintaining gainful employment. For the employable, welfare should NOT be "the family business", passed on from generation to generation. Welfare for the healthy should be of a specified and limited duration... say 18 months, during which time the recipients receive job-skills training and placement support.

Welfare must NO LONGER be a reward for creating more welfare recipients via the delivery rooms of the local hospitals. Let's say the first one is "on" the system... okay, but, each succeeding child reduces the welfare benefits by half. By the time the third child is born, the welfare benefit is reduced to 25% of what it was initially. Can't live on that? Then GET A JOB! The only person that is responsible for you is you! You are not entitled to live from the work efforts of others (unless you are a politician).

We should also follow the example of Italy's Premier Monti, who recently dissolved the existing government and installed a new one... with NO POLITICIANS in it! They're all cut from the same cloth - greedy, self-serving bastards, who couldn't care less about the people they supposedly represent, or the country they have taken an oath to protect.