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Friday, October 15, 2010

Come November 2nd, WE have THE HAMMER!!

This song was written by a 26 year old middle school football coach in Tennessee. He was terminated by the principal for alleged "political incorrectness" after writing this song and sending out on an e-mail list which included students and parents. Some think an apology and suspension would seem more appropriate. Personally, I think it is a First Amendment issue! He should be reinstated with all back pay, and the principal that fired him should be censured by the school board. Hopefully the parents will rally around this young teacher and get him his job back. In the meantime he is becoming famous thanks to the internet. Don't be surprised if the Tea Party groups start using this song at their meetings.

The First Amendment seems to protect only the lefties that have permeated our educational system. Why does it not protect everybody? If Ward Churchill, who not only lied about his credentials, but plagiarized much of "his" academic work, can speak out against conservative values with impunity, why can't this man speak out against what he sees as the fantasies and lies of the current administration?

Let's rid ourselves of the stench of government
directed socialism this November 2nd!

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