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Monday, August 23, 2010

Steve Wynn Lacks Confidence in Obama Administration

Yeah, okay....
Question: Who is Steve Wynn?
Answer: A self-made real estate developer, Las Vegas casino magnate, and multi-billionaire.

Question: What does he know about decisions that will have a significant financial impact on our economy?
Answer: Consult Webster's Dictionary for the meaning of "multi-" and "billionaire". (One doesn't get to be one of those without some understanding of economics. It is not simply "dumb luck".)

Question: Does he have a sufficient understanding of the political process to pass judgment on it's shortcomings?
Answer: Do you? Glad-handing, backslapping, unfulfilled promises and outright lying are the underpinnings of politicians since the beginning of time. Tell each group you address that which they wish to hear, throw in some charisma and you will become their leader. This is also the domain of those who have chosen to become rich, as opposed to being open and completely honest. Constituency is just a high-sounding word for "sheeple"... people who follow as would sheep.

Question: Where does Steve Wynn get off criticizing the actions of the President of the United States of America?
Answer: The same place I get off criticizing your president (lower case intentional) - the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Someone recently said, and I paraphrase, "The problem is not with Barack Obama, it is with the people that would elect him to the office of President." (or words to that effect)

Here's Steve Wynn's take on what's happening to our country -

We can, and we must, stop this downward spiral into third-world status. The "silent majority" must make both their presence, and their feelings, known this November!

Silence is not golden! Silence is acquiescence. Silence is mute acceptance. Silence is indifference. Silence is to become - and remain - unrecognized. Silence is the manna of sycophants and political toadies. Silence is the sustenance of fools.

We CAN save the Republic! We CAN stop this runaway train of tax, borrow and spend. But only if we find our collective voice... silence will change nothing. I have spoken with many people who have said, "I will never vote again!" And, to them I say this: If you do not vote, someone else will determine the course upon which the Ship of State sails, and you have forfeited your right to complain. Be heartened by the display of dedication shown by the many thousands of people, who, rising from their Illinois graves, voted for Barack Obama! Does it take more effort from those who are still among the living to go to the polls? Is their dedication more powerful than ours? Of course it isn't!

I'm Gil, and you're not... count your blessings (I still have one more than you).

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