Goodbye Barry - Welcome Home AMERICA!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

He's Baaaaaack!

Yes, I have finally returned to blogland! I apologize for any incontinence my absence may have caused, but it was unavoidable. And, speaking of incontinence, I am still P.O.'d!

Much has happened since my last post in June. There has been too much happening in the political arena for me to keep tabs on, so this posting will be relatively bland - for which I must (again) apologize to those of you expecting my usual fire and brimstone attack on the occupants of our nation's capital. I'm certain that Nancy Pelousy has done some tremendously ignorant things in the past 60 days, as has the entire Congress with the appointment of ultra-left-wing, ultra-liberal Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court! (how "brilliant" does one have to be, to be frequently overturned by a higher court?) Obama is doing everything he can get away with to destroy our Republic in his first (and obviously ONLY) term in office. We cannot change the culture of our nation's capital, but we can modify their group philosophy in November. The House and Senate have become accustomed to ignoring the vox populi (voice of the people), and the only way to get their attention - and to get our nation back on track - is a figurative "bloodletting" at the polls this November.

Any and all incumbents, regardless of party affiliation, who have supported Obama's efforts to marginalize our international reputation, to destroy our economy, and to essentially nationalize our financial, automotive, insurance and health care industries MUST BE REPLACED! To do otherwise, is to insure Obama's success at converting the USA from a Democratic Republic to a European-style Socialist state. We have seen how well socialism works around the world... it DOESN'T! Resistance is NOT futile, and we shall not fail - IF we believe in the principles upon which this once-great nation was founded. Obama's motives are HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE, even though our Congress lacks the fortitude to challenge those motives. There are too many unanswered questions about his backers, both financial and political, and his personal background and affiliations, to allow him to "change" the direction of our country. This is a course which we must not stay! But, should Obama retain a political majority in the House and Senate, we are doomed militarily, fiscally, economically, and educationally. To be succinct about the conditions that will exist... we will be S.O.L.!

I don't wish to sound alarmist, but somebody has to sound the alarm! We are aboard the national equivalent of the Titanic, and there will be few survivors. (Good thing I left the fire and brimstone out!)



Krista said...

I agree - I will be visiting the BARBER this November! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Gil said...

That "barber" is undoubtedly Sweeney Todd... a literal "bloodletter" in his own right. Be certain to take him to the voting booth with you!