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Monday, May 24, 2010


Arizona, as anyone familiar with US geography knows, is a key state on our southern border. It has been estimated that 43% of the residents of the state of Arizona have entered the United States illegally. The vast majority of these illegal residents are citizens of Mexico, and probably wish us no harm, but are still in violation of federal law - 8USC Section 1373(c) - once they cross into our country. Nonetheless such action makes them de facto criminals. As for the remainder, most are migrating from Central and South America, but that does not necessarily mean that they are legal residents of those areas. There are those who cross our southern border with the intent to do us harm - either immediately or at some future date. Unfortunately they do not wear signs proclaiming their nefarious intentions, which compounds the problem of illegal entry into the USA.

Much ado has been made about Arizona's SB-1070. Liberal socialist-progressives (and illegal aliens, naturally) are decrying it as "Nazi-like", "racist", "profiling", etc. What has Arizona actually done? They have passed a state law allowing them to enforce federal law, inasmuch as the federal government has chosen not to do so. The State of Arizona has a responsibility to ALL it's citizens to protect them - not just in a physical sense but in a legal and economic sense as well. Arizona has implemented the provisions of Amendment X to the U.S. Constitution, commonly known as "States Rights" in order to protect their legal citizenry. What does the new Arizona law actually say? Basically it says, "If you haven't broken the law you have nothing to fear."
I have read SB-1070, and found that it made perfect sense to me, and it specifically denies law enforcement the ability to use racial profiling as the sole criteria to inquire as to one's citizenship. If you are interested, you can read the same document at:

If the feds won't do their job of protecting the nation somebody has to do it for them. Kudos to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for having the courage to sign such a bill into state law. (There are currently 17 states considering similar legislation.)

Legalistic minutia and the much abused "What if.." game aside, let's talk about fairness:
1. Is it fair that American taxpayers are picking up the tab for high numbers of illegal aliens in this country who are working our social programs for all they can get?
2. Is it fair that the federal government is not enforcing it's own border protection charter?
3. Is it fair that after the Campeon-Ramos debacle of 2006 (shot a drug smuggler in the butt), and the ensuing political imprisonment of these two Border Patrol agents, that there was a "chilling effect" on the Border Patrol to do less than their jobs require?
4. Is it fair that the State of California, several geographically separated sanctuary cities, and the liberal socialist-progressives in this country have called for a boycott of Arizona businesses in an attempt to coerce Arizona into doing less to protect it's citizens?

The Motto of the Left-wing, Socialist-Progressive Movement

My answer to each of the above questions is NO! And, in the interest of fairness, I suggest that all true, Constitution-believing Americans support Arizona by searching out sources there for whatever their needs may be - personal or business related. But, that's just my sense of fair play... I could be wrong... and Felipe Calderon could do more to ensure that his people stay within his borders.

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