Goodbye Barry - Welcome Home AMERICA!

Friday, May 7, 2010


1. Secure the borders.
2. Create an environment that is inhospitable to those who enter our country illegally.
a. Suspend all Constitutional protections for those who are not legal citizens.
b. No public services of any kind may be provided to anyone who is not a properly documented citizen. Hospitals and Emergency Medical personnel may only provide life saving services.
3. Any person caught employing, housing, or harboring an undocumented resident will be fined at the rate of $25,000 per individual per occurrence. (Ten illegals = $250,000 in fines)
4. All levels of government - city, county, state and federal - will enforce state and federal immigration laws.
5. Public educational services shall be prohibited to anyone unable to prove U.S. citizenship.
6. All official publications shall be printed only in English. This would not apply to textbooks designed to provide foreign language instruction. If you are going to live here, LEARN THE LANGUAGE!
7. There will be no recognition of babies born to illegal parents as "natural-born U.S. citizens". If your parents were here illegally, then you are illegal as well. This follows the logic of the legal doctrine popularly known as "fruit of the poisonous tree" (the Exclusionary Rule). ANCHORS AWEIGH!

If you want to live and work in America, then become an American the right way!

Respect ALL our laws, don't break them the minute you step across the border. Take a number, get in line and wait your turn.

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