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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snownami Shuts Down Federal Government for Two Days

DID ANYBODY NOTICE? DID ANYBODY EXCEPT THE POLITICIANS CARE? Could it be that our current administration is so ineffectual, and our Congress so lame that this interruption to government went unnoticed by the majority of the country?

Rather than being received as an "interruption to government", many of us saw it as a relief from government. When government works against the will of the majority of the people it becomes tyrannical. When it works against the best interests of the nation it becomes traitorous. People appreciate relief from either one of those concepts.
This is the year to save our Republic! Replace the left-wing progressives in D.C. with true conservatives, who understand and respect our Constitution and the traditions upon which our once-great nation was founded! The key word there is CONSERVATIVES. Not just Republicans... and don't ignore conservative Democrats - although they are few and far between. We need the Captains of our "ship of State" to save it - not to scuttle it as they are doing today. We need those who are both fiscal and social conservatives controlling our government, and between now and November there will be more "special elections". There are large numbers (around 35 as I recall) of liberal Dems retiring or choosing not to seek reelection to their office.
Opportunities such as this only present themselves once every four years. Governments such as our current one present themselves only once in a lifetime... for which we must be THANKFUL! Do your part - cleanse our national leadership of those supporting the Marxist/Socialist political philosophy - vote CONSERVATIVE in 2010!

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