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Saturday, December 27, 2014


I watched "The Interview" on 12/25 - SAVE YOUR MONEY! It didn't quite suck, but - at its best - I smiled several times at something I found clever. After all the hoopla surrounding this film, I didn't find anything really funny in Sony's "comedy". On a scale of 1-10 "The Interview" gets a miserable 3.5.

I feel sorry for those poor folks who stood in ridiculously long lines waiting to see this "comedy". The acting was acceptable - Seth Rogen and James Franco (and whoever played Kim) upheld their end of the bargain, and the concept was very good, but the execution of the comedy - with one or two exceptions that caused me to smile - pretty-much flatlined.

Apparently, there are those who disagree with me, as indicated in this excerpt from a news article - "An afternoon screening at the Van Nuys Regency Theatres in the city's San Fernando Valley was two-thirds full and drew a diverse crowd ranging from teens to senior citizens, who laughed loudly throughout at Rogen and Franco's antics."It was much better than I thought it would be," said Carlos Royal, 45, a professor." His statement indicates that professor's in California are easily amused by humor so long as it is presented at the grade-school level.

It's possible that I may have some heretofore unspecified "Asian blood" in my heritage, because the South Koreans seem to agree with my position. From the same article as above - "In Asia, online audiences seemed to find the movie tedious.
"There is no drama and not much fun," said a blogger in South Korea. "It's all about forced comedy that turns you off. Couldn't they have done a better job making this movie?"

TEDIOUS!! That's the word I as looking for! An hour and fifty two minutes of tedium. Rogen and Franco are capable of MUCH better. "The Interview" makes my list of MOVIES WELL WORTH MISSING!

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