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Friday, November 23, 2012

I May Have A Tendency To Oversimplify Politics...

but here's how I see the reasons behind our country's great loss in the recent Presidential Election.

  1. There was insufficient differentiation between the Republican and Democrat platforms. So little differentiation, that Romney's platform was widely seen as ObamaLite. Although not unusual for politicians, neither candidate was particularly forthcoming about their "plans" for the country. Obama couldn't run on his record, because he didn't have a single positive achievement to emphasize. So, he made the usual empty promises to those who choose not to work, and those who are feeding from the national teat, and Romney failed to form aggressive responses to verbal challenges by Obama.
  2. The Republican masses had a miserable turnout of less than 40%, while Democrats were at almost 48%. Were the registered Republicans too lazy to vote, were they insufficiently motivated to vote, or did they assume "the fix is in" and just not give a rat's ass? 
  3. The poor Republican turnout may have been compounded by voter fraud, and other behind-the-scenes active Democrat shenanigans (like [as reported] going door-to-door, and illegally hand-carrying the votes of others to the polling stations)? The default vote in electronic machines was set to "Obama", and there were many instances reported where votes for Romney were registered as votes for Obama.
  4. Romney failed to garner enough of the available "Independent" votes, and then there was Gary Johnson, in the (unintentional?) role of "spoiler". Had Johnson encouraged his loyal followers to give their votes to Romney, it may have given Romney the majority popular vote.
  5. The "popular vote", which is the voice of the people, is easily cancelled out by the Constitutionally-directed Electoral College vote - which undoubtedly would have gone to Obama anyway (re: "the fix is in", above).
  6. The Republican platform for 2012 would have satisfied America's "Mugwumps" (the old joke that a "mugwump" is a person sitting on the political fence, with his mug on one side and his wump on the other). The most accurate description I can use for the Republican party's platform this election is "tepid".
  7. There have been many suggestions (probably from Democrats) that the Republicans need to adopt the principles of the Democrats. In my opinion, that would then provide us with TWO totally unprincipled political parties.
There has been little-to-no questioning of the lack of legality - and ethics - in the voting process this election cycle by the lamestream media. I am quickly losing my faith in the intelligence of my countrymen, and have lost all faith in the voting process, and what little respect I had for the media (a few decades ago) has long since been dead.

As long as 538 people have the legal authority to override the voice of the people, then the people's voice means absolutely NOTHING!

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