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Monday, February 7, 2011

Major Nidal Malik Hasan - Just ONE Home-Grown Terrorist?

Or, more likely, one of many! How did a man like Major Hasan join the United States Army? Not only join, but get a commission and eventually promoted to the rank of Major? He should never have been permitted to enter our military, nor should several hundred (perhaps thousands) of his fellow Islamics.

Under the guise of Political Correctness, our government is building its own Trojan Horse within our military, and our country in general. Sun-tzu, a Chinese military genius of the 6th century BC, is credited with having coined the phrase, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." (I don't know that this idea was to have them in sufficient numbers or in a physical proximity close enough to kill you, though!) Sun-tzu's idea was to have his enemies observed - either from within, through the use of spies - or by external means such as tradesmen, farmers, prostitutes, or anyone else privy to more casual observations, and the informal discussions, of his enemies. Sun-tzu's leadership methods and military skills were so efficient and correct that the principles in his military treatise, The Art of War, is still a standard reference of military leaders worldwide.

In the year 2001, it was estimated that the Muslim population in the USA was 2.8 million. In 2010 the US State Department estimates the US Muslim population at roughly 7 million - that's a 150% increase in 9 short years. There are no statistics available to establish how many of that increase of 4.2 million were natural-born Americans who converted to Islam, versus how many were already Muslims but imported from around the world. (Sun-tzu would not import those who would do him harm.)

As usual, my blog will raise more questions than it supplies practical answers, so here goes...
How do we deal with the unusually heavy influx of Muslims into our country? My most practical solution would be to place a moratorium on immigration into the USA from Islamic-based countries. In other words, if the principal religion of your country of origin is Islam, your application for admittance into the USA will be considered... within the next 20 years. But, that would be religious profiling and religious persecution according to the bleeding heart, left-wing liberals who run our media and our government. We can't do that!
How about we make all Muslims wear the "crescent and star" symbol of Islam on their clothing, and force them to live in ghettos - like Detroit, LA, and the boroughs of NYC? Oh, come to think of it that was Hitler's approach to dealing with "the Jewish problem" in Nazi Germany... We can't do that!
Well, then, let's put them into "Internment Camps", like we did to the Japanese-Americans during WWII. That worked well for us, didn't it? Too much like the previous idea? You're right... and it didn't work well for us. We can't do that!
Now that we've covered almost everything we can't do - short of mass executions for anybody that doesn't believe exactly the same way that we do (and then defining exactly who that particular "we" is) - what can we do? We - you and me - individually can do very little. We don't make the immigration laws or policies, but we elect the people who do!

Our elected "representatives" have failed to listen to the voice of the people for the past five or six decades (which I have personally observed). A constant pressure upon Congress from the people regarding such things as illegal immigration and the enforcement of expired work/student visas might go a long way toward minimizing such problems. Those who have made a conscious decision to violate our laws and our sovereignty, have proven themselves to be de facto criminals. Will they break only minor laws in the future? Will they become good citizens? Who knows? Do they deserve a chance at the "American Dream"? No! They have proven themselves to be scoff-laws, and consider themselves to be above the law. They deserve absolutely nothing... except arrest and deportation to their country of origin - which is far better than the punishment meted out to you or me if we were caught in their home country without proper paperwork!

Our "political correctness" will be responsible for the death of our Republic. Our government will continue to make concessions to the religion of Islam - the religion of TERRORISTS - until the United States Code (our federal laws) is supplemented or supplanted by Sharia "Law".

Does Sharia law allow a husband to rape his wife, even in America? A New Jersey trial judge thought so. In a recently overturned case, a "trial judge found as a fact that the defendant committed conduct that constituted a sexual assault" but did not hold the defendant liable because the defendant believed that he was exercising his rights over the victim.

In the In the State of California, 7th grade students at Excelsior Middle School in Discovery Bay, California adopted Muslim names, prayed on prayer rugs, and celebrated Ramadan under a state-mandated curriculum that requires instruction about various religions.

After Carver Elementary School in San Diego absorbed Muslim students from a defunct charter school in September 2006, a special recess was provided for the students to pray, classes were segregated by gender, and pork was removed from the school menu.

Muslims periodically block the streets of New York City, prostrating themselves in the middle of roadways and sidewalks undisturbed by police and other authorities. The resulting traffic jams are ignored, the double- and illegally parked vehicles are free of citations, and law enforcement officers are nowhere to be seen. Surely, practitioners of other religions or groups planning similar gatherings would be required to obtain permits for such an activity. Reportedly, the police have been ordered not to interfere with the Muslim prayer spectacle.

These special accommodations for Muslims effectively elevate the Islamic faith above that of Christians and Jews, reinforcing the message of the Koran -- "Allah proclaims Islam over all other religions" (48:28), "Islam will dominate other religions" (9:33), and "Islam does not coexist with other faiths" (5:51). Muslims are required by the teachings of their faith to conquer and subjugate non-Muslims and ensure worldwide submission to Islam -- "The believers must make war on infidels around them and let the infidels find firmness in them" (9:123).

This is the goal of the Islamic terrorists - to subjugate the entire world to the religious tyranny of Islam. Are we to help them in achieving that goal? When will the citizens of the United States say "ENOUGH!" Enough "political correctness", enough enabling, support and adoption of foreign customs, cultures and laws. Enough erosion of our Constitutional rights!

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