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Monday, December 29, 2008

Americans drop dead as police get Taser-happy

There's a lot of whining going on now over the use of Tasers by law enforcement agencies in this country. The largest and best known of the whiners is the ultra-left Amnesty International.
An Amnesty International report titled "USA: Less than lethal?" records 334 people have died after being stunned by Tasers in the U.S. between 2001 and August 2008, including 55 in California and 52 in Florida. What it does not say is how many times the Taser was brought into action. If it was only used 334 times then it is undoubtedly a deadly weapon. If it was used 33,400 times then the accidental death rate is 1%.

Regardless of the number of times Tasers were used to control a critical situation, it is far less deadly than a bullet penetrating flesh, bone and organs. Death is a relative certainty when a firearm is used. The purpose of a policeman's firearm is to cause disabling injyry or death, and is only used in the most dire of circumstances. A misplaced blow from an impact weapon, such as the police baton, can easily result in serious injury or death.

Of the defensive arsenal available to law enforcement agencies, the Taser - when properly applied - is the least likely to cause lasting or terminal injuries. Tasers incapacitate by sending high voltage through wires into the subject's body. Voltage is not a killer - amperage is the electrical unit that kills, and Tasers are low amperage units.

Somebody, somewhere, will probably die if you throw chocolate ice cream on them! It is unfortunate when a life is lost to a Taser strike, but stuff happens. How many lives have been saved because the police weren't forced to SHOOT the person? Think about that! Amnesty International should mind their own business. I could be wrong ........ but I'm not!

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Krista said...

I'd like to be a victim of a chocolate ice-cream attack. I'm feeling a bit suicidal, maybe I'll try it! I always wondered why there was never a tranquilizer like that shoot at animals that they can use. But I guess if they have to shout, "How much do you weigh?" it defeats the purpose.